WROC# 2017

Our WROC# conference already behind us.

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Written by Objectivity

On Friday 3.03.2017, a half thousand of .NET developers filled up the Wroclaw Stadium waiting for six exciting presentations given by foreign speakers.

They gathered there to participate in a special event – the WROC# Conference, the symbol of which has appeared over the capital of Lower Silesia already for the third time. International gurus from the world of IT, organization polished to perfection and multitude of attractions during and after the Conference – all this raised the level of the Conference was so high that it did not differ much from foreign events. And it was all thanks to us! Once again, we’ve offered entertainment at the world level to the community of developers from all over the country.

Even though, the main theme of this year’s Conference was web development, all six presentations showed how enormous momentum the world of technology has gained. For several years now, it’s been the heyday of IT industry, which is chasing with time in development. To keep up to date with everything that’s going on in the world of IT, you need to have your finger on the pulse. WROC# Conference provides a giant dose of knowledge and that’s probably why the fight for the tickets lasted only two minutes.


On Friday 3.03.2017, a half thousand of .NET developers filled up the Wroclaw Stadium waiting for six exciting presentations given by foreign speakers.
The day

The first guests arrived at the Wroclaw Stadium just after seven o’clock in the morning. They, just like all the arriving guests, were given welcome packs. Each guest received a badge in the form of a PCB with their name on it, a t-shirt dedicated to the event, a notebook and a puzzle in the shape of Conference’s mark – #. Just above the reception area, simultaneously with the speeches of the guest stars, a large conference hall offered numerous attractions. Waiting for the first speeches (and during coffee breaks), each participant could take part in individual and group games prepared by the staff of Objectivity during their internal IDEAapp_ contest or go to VR zone and watch the exhibition of Hololens, Oculus Rift and other augmented reality goggles.

Just after nine o’clock, Frans Rosén entered the stage as the first speaker. During his presentation bearing the meaningful title “Go hack yourself… or someone else will”, he told about his private experience in … hunting for errors on various Web portals. The presentation was about safety of Web sites. Frank provided many interesting examples, telling in a comprehensible way about how he managed to combine his passion with money-making. At this very beginning, he set the level of the Conference very high.

Then, it was the time of Chris Klug – the WROC# veteran, who’s visited Wroclaw for the third time already on the occasion of the Conference. And even though his presentation “AngularJS Tips from the Trenches” was considered a very technical one, it aroused curiosity among AngularJS enthusiasts. It was a valuable speech full of accessible tips on how to write the code using the Angular library, which can be used by any developers in their daily work.

Just before the lunch break, the next speaker was Maarten Balliauw. His presentation concerned management of application after its development. The speech was mainly about Application Insights available on Azure.

After lunch, the guests returned to their seats, and Steve Sanderson appeared on the stage. He, just like Chris, focused on the topic related to frameworks used to present views. His speech mainly concerned projects available for ASP.NET core for individual frameworks.

Shortly after him, the only woman at WROC# – Tess Ferrandez, confidently entered the stage. Petite, but extremely energetic, Tess gave a whole bunch of examples and tricks allowing to optimize the application, giving the presentation entitled “Debugging .NET performance problems, memory leaks and crashes”. Tess has proven that women may feel confidently in IT and that the world of new technologies hasn’t been reserved only for men for a long time now.

The last but not least speaker was Shawn Wildermuth, who travelled to Wroclaw from over the Atlantic. Shawn focused on Visual Studio Code – showing both its advantages and disadvantages. His clear and consistent presentation completed the cycle of six speeches.

After a short break, all speakers went on the stage to take part in a discussion panel led by Chris Klug and to answer countless questions of the Conference participants. Quite accidentally, the panel has become an integral part of the Conference. During the first edition, due to absence of one of the speakers, Dan North – as one of the presenters had an idea of a Q&A session with all the speakers. Because this idea was extremely well received, and the guests could get answers to their questions “live”, the panel has become a regular point of the Conference.

The same has happened to the After Party – without a multitude of attractions, surprises, delicious food and Wroc# beer (brewed specially for this occasion), the Conference could not take place. This year, we’ve decided not to cut back on attractions and to provide mega entertainment to our guests – one of them was a ride in Tesla (as a passenger, of course). People were queuing to this space car, just like to the Virtual Reality stand. You could, for example, climb a rock, which was too much for many daredevils, but at the same time, it aroused competitiveness among players waiting for their turn. As you can see, it was an innovative Conference – in terms of selecting topics, choice of attractions and ideas how to organize it. The last guests left the stadium shortly after midnight.

As usual, we also thought about those, who could not take part in the Conference. The entire event was broadcast live and anyone, who could not or did not come to the Conference on March 3rd, could watch it on the monitor of their computers. This is what we call the global knowledge sharing!

What will come next? Is there the fourth edition of the Conference ahead of us? As for today no one has confirmed it. The only thing to do is to wait ?