Wow! We have a Ruban d’Honneur title!

We are pleased to announce that we've been Ruban d'Honneur recipient of the 2016/17 European Business Awards!

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Written by Objectivity
One of 110 finalists

We're one of 10 companies in Europe awarded this title in Employer of the Year category in 2017!

Objectivity is one of 110 finalists, among over 33,000 businesses that took part in this contest, and was chosen by a panel of independent judges including business figures, academics, thought leaders and politicians.

By winning Ruban d’Honneur title for The Employer of the Year Award, we proved our great ability to inspire and motivate our employees by boosting their career paths, treating everyone equally and having an understanding of work-life balance. Objectivity will now undertake an in depth face-to-face interview, and will find out if it is a winner of one of the 11 categories at a Gala Final on May 4th in Dubrovnik.

It’s an honor to get such an important recognition. It clearly shows that the path we took 26 years ago is still working. People and strong relationship with them are crucial to us and the Ruban d’Honneur title confirmed our good practices.

This is not the end. Taking part in the second part of the contest we’re still looking forward to The National Public Champion title in European Business Award contest. To get this award we need to gain the highest number of votes in a public survey. Thanks to our employees’ engagement we created a video promoting our unique company story, values and business. Watch it and if you like it, just vote!