Why Tribes are good for you?

How can you make sure you are always focused on delivering value to your customers? Once you set up your teams properly, it happens automatically.

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Written by Objectivity
Tribes explained

Agile organisation for delivering value

You definitely have heard about Agile methodology. If not somewhere else, you have heard it from us. We base our organisation on Agile because it allows us to respond quickly to our Client’s needs and stay flexible. We’ve introduced Guilds, Tribes, Chapters and Streams to our organisational structure. They all mean something and have their own purpose.

But being deep in the project life, we can forget why we chose to go with one option, not some other. Take Tribes for example. In a day-to-day work, we know they are dedicated to each of our Clients. They group many people of various specialisations delivering a number of projects, under one umbrella – a specific customer. Simple. But what is missing is the real value our Clients get from our Tribes.

Meeting with one of our Clients, we were reminded why Tribes are a perfect structure from the customer’s perspective:

  • Tribes are tightly aligned to the Client’s business. They hold Client’s context no matter how many projects are online, and how many people migrate through the Tribe.
  • Since the business context is preserved within the Tribe, projects are started and completed quicker than they would be otherwise. The Tribe understands your business, your software landscape, constraints, internal structure, and who’s who.
  • Communication is much more effective. Communicating with a Tribe that has delivered with you a couple of projects. You speak a similar language, and with every workshop and call the understanding grows.
  • The Tribe can act as a consultant. Since they both know your business and are somewhat on the outside, they can advise and point out improvements that would be difficult to spot from a different vantage point.

So, the lesson is: work with Tribes. As specialists in their domain, they are effective and helpful. Working with us, you can be sure we will set up an environment that puts your interest first and preserves our focus on helping you to grow.

If you want to find out more about our agile structure, please visit this page. Or contact us if you have any questions.