Who we are

Objectivity is a values-driven IT outsourcing
partner. We create Win-Win solutions for all our stakeholders.

Our specialty is designing, delivering and supporting IT solutions that help our clients grow. As a mature organisation, we have an ethical framework that supports our activities. We are socially engaged, and always willing to help.

About us

We are an innovative leader in technologies

Our goal is to allow our clients to grow as fast as possible without destroying what they already have. In doing that, we want to stay true to our ethical framework and our values. We have an agile and people oriented philosophy. For our clients this means that we provide flexible resourcing with a consistent quality of work.

We are an innovative leader in technologies

We assure and protect the values of the businesses that trust in us. To do that efficiently, we are constantly experimenting and innovating using emerging technologies. We have completed internal R&D projects with Augmented Reality, cognitive services, and IoT, and we will keep on doing that so to find the best ways to make our clients’ lives easier.

With many years of experience, we have accumulated domain knowledge from many industries, e.g. retail, engineering, real estate, finance, pharmaceutical, government and public sectors.

Our values

We are a values-driven organisation

We set high standards for ourselves because this way we can continually bring value to our clients. To support our goals, we have four key values deeply engrained in our company DNA. They help us build successful partnerships with all our clients. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to deliver and delight in every environment we work in.

Win Win

Win Win

Our ethical framework centres on Win-Win for all the people and organisations that we work with. We use it to create sustainable long-term relationships with all our stakeholders.

  • People

    We employ only the best people with unrivalled skills and competencies – 95% of our delivery staff hold Masters Degrees. Clients benefit from dedicated and stable teams: we have a low attrition rate. We are open-minded, willing to listen, and fun to work with.

  • Integrity

    We are always friendly and supportive towards our customers, but we also don’t shy away from challenging the status quo if it allows us to improve and deliver better value for our clients and their customers.

  • Excellence

    We always strive to be better by encouraging innovation, backed by our core values. We actively pursue continual improvement, knowledge sharing and the exploitation of new technologies. We always strive to find the best solution for each of our clients – be it a bespoke system, a customised off-the-shelf package delivered rapidly, or a mix of the two.

  • Agility

    We believe in agile development. A software development methodology in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between cross-functional teams of developers. Agility is built into our DNA, our whole way of doing business, and is one of the key drivers behind our success.


We are involved

Responsibility for our community. Initiatives our people create themselves. Direct involvement in making people’s lives better. These are Objectivity CSR values.

At Objectivity, we give our people opportunities to do hands-on volunteer work. Our efforts are focused on the community we live in. We don’t impose initiatives on our employees because we get ideas from them. Sometimes we share knowledge, other times we carry out fund-raising exercises, and we also partner with other companies to work on bigger projects. As a company, we provide organisational, financial, logistical and promotional support. We do this so our people can take the lead in taking responsibility for our community. An organic approach to Corporate Social Responsibility means that our efforts deliver maximum benefits to our neighbours. We care because it’s our community too.


Objectivity’s CSR initiatives are created by our people. Bottom-up rather than top-down. Genuine engagement means we help because we want to. Our people volunteer as mentors, sharing the know-how with NGOs, municipal offices, business networks, and schools. We give our knowledge in order to help others grow.


Objectivity timeline

We have over 700 experts working for our clients from many sectors and various parts of the world. Since the year 1991, we have faced many challenges and learned a lot of lessons. There is a history behind our striving to help businesses grow, and it’s portrayed below.

Objectivity founded
  • 33
  • First Polish developers

  • Wrocław development
    centre opened

  • ISO 9001

  • New Polish

    Gold Partnership

  • Project assurance

  • Operations Director

    Investors in human Capital

  • HBR Leadership

  • 312
  • WROC# 2015

    Investors in human
    Capital award

    Great Place
    to Work 2015

    EFQM Recognised
    for Excellence 5 stars

    ISO 27001

    Cyber Essentials Certificate

  • Building UX and Design

    2nd at
    Great Place
    to Work
    in Poland

    2nd at Forbes
    diamond award

    CIPD people
    management awards

    WROC# 2016

  • 1st at
    Great Place
    to Work 2017
    in Poland

    EBA National
    of the Year

    WROC# 2017

  • New CEO

    2nd at
    Great Place
    to Work
    in Poland

    WROC# 2018

    12th at
    Great Place
    to Work
    in Europe

  • Handelsblatt
    Star Award for
    Digital Ecosystem
    we developed

    WROC# 2019

    4th at
    Great Place
    to Work
    in Poland

    Great Place
    to Work
    in Europe

Total employee count
In replatforming our core applications, we wanted a partner who offered technical excellence along with sharing our core values where Integrity is key. With proven agile methods, Objectivity have delivered in all counts.
Peter R. Smith
Head of Applications at Edrington