We are Highly Commended!

CIPD People Management Awards, 28th September 2016 in London.

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Written by Objectivity
Our achievements

How do we grab the attention of potential candidates?

Do you know that good organization and practices in every company start in the HR room? We do and that’s why our heroes from HR team (whom we call Savants) still keep their hands on the pulse and take care about every single employee at Objectivity. I know it sounds impossible without evidence, especially if you have about 450 people on board. But I have one proof to share with you and prove that even impossible can be possible. Recently, we have been awarded the highly commended in the Best recruitment and talent management initiative category at CIPD People Management Awards, which were held in London at the end of September. Why? The jury’s verdict was common – we are recognized for a great understanding of the business by the HR department, great demonstration of innovation and agile working practices.

To gain this award we’ve worked very hard! To be a part of CIPD institute and participate in this competition, we needed to prepare a project to show out our attitude to employee recruitment, attracting, development, support and retaining. The name of our case was “Agility in recruitment”. It was about, how we grab the attention of potential candidates and how we build the brand of Objectivity as a thought leader. We also showed that we treat our employees as ambassadors of our brand. And it works well! In 2015, our HR team received 1871 CVs, conducted 500 interviews, organised 13 Assessment Centre sessions and hired 151 employees!

At Objectivity, we don’t use any external Marketing or PR agency to research and hire people, because we believe in our current employees’ recommendation. We always act following our values, working very close with our employees. For over ten years, we’ve been able to establish a strong brand in a very competitive IT market and sustain an organisational culture despite ongoing growth.

At the moment, our company is a recognised employer on the IT market and has received many international awards. Members of the IT delivery staff are reputable IT experts. The HR team, now consisting of 10 members, is treated as a leader in the field. With a constant focus on an agile approach, the HR team receives invitations for HR conferences and best practice sharing sessions with other international companies. With an agile approach, built on the foundation of a value-based way of doing business, Objectivity has become a big name in the Technology sector.

Gaining the Highly Commended title was not a piece of cake, because we have lots of competitors (companies from all over the world) to contest with, but we did it! We’ve proven that you don’t have to be a huge corporation to improve good HR practices in company. We’re very proud that so well-known institute like CIPD appreciated our knowledge of business and good understanding of our employee needs.