We are Great Place To Work again!

Great Place to Work Award, 30th of March 2016 in Warsaw.

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Written by Objectivity
A great honor

We took the 2nd place!

We are pleased to announce that we did it again! – we were recognized by the Great Place to Work Awards on 30th of March. Our company – Objectivity – took the 2nd place in the medium-size business category. Last year, we also got the 2nd place, so we can be proud that we didn’t lose the most important status for us – being a good employer for our people. For us, it means that we constantly, year by year, create one of the best work places in Poland J High-rating of companies by their employees is the result of continuous work the best organizations do to develop culture of mutual respect and trust.

Today, IT industry is very competitive, and offering an increasing number of tangible benefits is not effective. It’s very important that the employees know that they can grow to be themselves, to work in harmony with their strengths, look for challenges and projects that interest them, and collaborate every day with the experts. Awarding us the GPTW title clearly shows that we took the right direction. This award comes from the best possible source – from our people.

It’s not easy to get such a title! Great Place to Work is based on the results of a questionnaire given to employees in a company. So, over 400 of our employees have voted and decided that we are a great company with friendly environment. Three factors invariably had the greatest impact on the final positive assessment: the belief of employees that the company is managed honestly, the feeling that the employer sees the person employed not only as an employee, but also a human being and a partner, treatment of people regardless of their position.

So we did it twice – we worked very hard to maintain our attitude. We care about our employees every single month, day, second. We believed in them as individuals, not just employees. The award shows us clearly that in continuous progress we are not losing our uniqueness.