We are 25!

We celebrate our 25th anniversary in our offices in Wrocław and Coventry.

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Written by Objectivity
Another year

How we matured

Do you remember how you were when you were 25? Mature, but still young, full of ideas, creative and eager to conquer the world? So we are now ?

Exactly 25 years ago Rob Helle and Susanta Ghosh came up with the idea of opening their IT business, which will combine excellent IT services provided by the best specialists with the values that will pierce all areas of the company. And then Objectivity was born – the company that sews the software to the needs of our customers.

The long journey that Objectivity took, had its origin in Coventry, UK. For the first 13 years, we only had a branch in the UK with the sales team and a group of programmers. 12 years ago, we opened an operations center in Wrocław, which was a huge success. Today, we employ close to 450 experts, we are twice winner of GPTW award and a partner of Microsoft.

It’s belief in people and their skills and in providing the highest quality software solutions to our customers that has led us to the place, where we are today. Our employees create new communities, learn from each other, provide internal training and keep appearing as speakers at subsequent conferences. They do not stand still, they move with the times. They organize work on their own, learn self-reliance and responsibility. Working in customer dedicated teams and following agile rules, they have daily contact with the customer, so as to perfectly understand their requirements and keep them informed about the progress of the project. All these activities form an integral whole, which combines the needs of employees and customers. This is the clue of our business.

The ultimate goal of our company is to continuously develop and invest in our employees, which in turn brings value to the customers – this is the basis of the Win Win strategy, which guides us on a daily basis.

For us, the coming 25 years mean 25 years of opportunities to develop and strengthen our market position. It’s a chance for personal development, so that we grow in strength, still promoting our values among the continuously growing number of new employees.

And here the wheel of history closes and opens at the same time – a part of our employees, who today decide about the success of the company, were born at the same time, when the idea of founding a company came into it’s founder’s head. 25 years ago, they did not plan their future, but now they confirm that they are simply happy working for Objectivity. And this is the best birthday gift for us!

How we matured