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Top 5 Retail Tech Trends for 2022 — Staying Ahead of the Pace of Change

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Download your copy of “Top 5 Retail Tech Trends for 2022 — Staying Ahead of the Pace of Change” report

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Are you keeping up with the latest retail trends?

The pace of change in the retail sector is accelerating, and businesses that understand the industry’s drivers have the upper hand over their competition.  

Our report, backed by comprehensive industry research, not only explains those drivers but also identifies strategic areas in which retailers can gain the most by effectively applying the latest technologies.  

Download the “Top 5 Retail Tech Trends for 2022 — Staying Ahead of the Pace of Change” report to learn how to: 

  • Increase your customers’ trust by following a sustainable retail strategy. 
  • Optimise a digital retail store to improve its performance and boost sales. 
  • Leverage recommender systems and AI in retail to enhance customer satisfaction. 
  • Use smart inventory management tools to ensure product availability and reduce shrinkage. 
  • Become your customers’ first choice by introducing convenient retail solutions. 

Top 5 Retail Tech Trends for 2022 Staying Ahead of the Pace of Change 

What’s inside? 

1. Retail trends — An Expert’s Overview.

The first section of the report provides an overview of the current situation on the retail market presented by Miya Knights, an influential retail expert and publisher. Her insights will help you understand the importance of each trend and how they can affect your retail business.

2. Sustainability

In this section, we discuss how sustainable practices will help you meet your customers’ expectations and, at the same time, improve store economics. You’ll see how other retailers employ digital sampling, blockchain, or RFID solutions to render their businesses more sustainable.

3. O2O Retail — Data and Automation

Online to offline (O2O) commerce grows in importance as customers expect a consistent shopping experience. In this section of the report, we discuss leveraging digital touchpoints, data and automation in order to satisfy modern customers and optimise store performance.

4. Inventory Planning and Management

Efficient inventory planning and rightsizing supply to demand can greatly contribute to a retailer’s success. We describe store inventory and assortment management tools that will help you manage your stock and drive sales.

5. Personalisation

This section of the report focuses on different aspects of personalisation and their impact on customer behaviour. You’ll see examples of tools that can be used to enhance personalisation in-store as well as online. Find out how AI solutions or smart chatbots can make a difference for your business.

6. Convenience

Nowadays, consumers value and expect convenience when shopping both online and offline. To meet this demand, retailers need to embrace quick commerce and introduce solutions such as smart checkouts or fulfilment centres. In this section, we discuss real-life examples of convenience-focused tools for retailers.

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