The story of IDEA birth

What is it? Our internal IDEAapp_ contest. When and where? November – December 2016 at Objectivity.

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What is it?

Please welcome The IDEAapp_

One day at Objectivity, we started to think how to make a virtue of necessity. And it turned out as something absolutely obvious – we decided to make a contest for all of our employees. We wanted to encourage our people to – first of all – have fun, show out their knowledge, creativity, innovative way of thinking, and at the end – award them with special prizes that they chose themselves! We wanted to let our mates work on something new and extraordinary, to let them leave for a while their daily projects and release the creativity. And then the IDEAapp_ contest has risen…

The story starts, that is how we built the website…

At first, thanks to our employees, we built the website dedicated to the event. The teams could get to know the idea of the contest better, enrol for it, choose the food (they had 2 full days of apps’ development) and choose the app they want to develop. At the end of the contest, we presented all the apps and let our employees vote for the best one.

How did it go, that is count to 10!

We collected 10 teams (consisting of 3-5 members). They had 4 days (2 for research and 2 for development) to find out the idea and then build the dreamed application. All of the teams had a freedom of choice and decided on their own what they want to build. In the contest, the most important things were fun, integration and cooperation in carrying out the task.

What’s crucial – the enrolled teams comprised not only the programmers. So, we had UIs, Business Analysts, Visual Designers and Testers, cause we believe that the biggest danger for creativity is lack of diversity ? The possibility to include such different roles in the team gave us some amazing and not-controlled (it’s a virtue!) effects.

Please welcome The IDEAapp_
Going forward

And this is just the beginning…

We always knew that we have professionals on board, so the contest only strengthened our confidence. During the IDEAapp_ we were able to see how our people cope with artificial intelligence (like BOTs), build apps useful in daily tasks i.e. an application that helps in carpooling or having fun (producing a logic or muliplayer game) and do many other things, like handling IoT or RPA.

There is no effect without the prize!

To make the contest more challenging, we decided to appoint a Jury (of five people) to choose the best app. There were some non-demanding criteria: the Jury paid attention to creative and innovative approach to the idea, gave high notes for functionality and usefulness and interesting solutions. Beside the main award, we also honoured 3 more teams – for the outrageous ambition and the most helpful solution. Additionally, we asked all our colleagues to choose the best app (we called it The Miss of Technology).

Ready for the final?

So, at the beginning of December, we received 10 absolutely amazing applications and, as always, we were surprised by our employees’ creativity! The main goal of our contest was to entertain our colleagues, use their creativity to build extraordinary and innovative apps. And it worked!

To get to know our teams and meet the Winners you need to wait for a while. In our next post, we’ll introduce you our teams and their apps and show you the pics from the award ceremony, which were handed out at our company Winter Party. Stay alert!

To be continued…