The future of app development – Objectivity joined Mendix On Tour

Following the success of the Mendix World in Rotterdam, Mendix hosted a one-day event in London. We joined Mendix On Tour to discuss the future of app development and to work on an innovative app during a hackathon.

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The joined forces

Mendix On Tour

The event’s agenda featured a series of speeches by Mendix representatives and customers. Our colleague Michał Jankowski, Low Code Technical Practice Leader, joined the “Ask the Experts” panel.

Simultaneously, a team of Objectivity low-code experts took part in a hackathon. The “Astro Breakpoints” team of Michal Gogol, Kamil Marcinkowski, Andrzej Stadnik and Sergiusz Woznicki made it to the top 3 and received a Community Award.

The team worked on an app which aims to help care workers improve the quality of life for patients with learning disabilities and people around them. The beneficiary of the hackathon, The Royal Mencap Society, is seeking a reliable solution which can benefit all parties involved in Positive Behaviour Support:

  • therapists and counsellors, in assessing and understanding the behaviour of their patients
  • patients, in raising their quality of life by applying self-coping techniques.

The team designed a web app for care workers and a mobile app both for them and people suffering from learning disabilities.

Mendix On Tour
The solution

Holistic approach to the Positive Behaviour Support

Using the app, patients can monitor their wellbeing by logging the mood they’re currently in. This is a two-step process. First, the user chooses an appropriate right emoticon (happy, good, so-so, bad, awful). Secondly, the user takes a selfie. The photo is analysed by Azure cognitive services to identify the actual mood based on facial expression.

The patient’s wellbeing is also shown in the web app. The care worker can analyse emotions and how the patient is reacting to the Positive Behaviour Support plan. Plans can be created directly in the web app.

Additional features of the mobile app include:

  • Communication Passport – usually used in a print version, the Communication Passport is included in the app and can be accessed by doctors and nurses on their devices by scanning the QR code provided.
  • Sending alerts with the person’s location – users can request help by sending an automated SMS to all carers from the app.
  • Access to the Positive Behaviour Support plan.
Mendix Platform

Reduce time to market

Low-code platforms such as Mendix help reduce time to market. A fully working solution can be delivered in as little as three or four months. Low-code allows rapid application development across mobile, tablet and responsive web. Mendix On Tour was also a good opportunity to introduce Neil Loydon, Commercial Leader of the Low Code Practice, to our clients and partners. If you’d like to learn more about our Mendix services, contact Neil:

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Neil Loydon
Commercial Leader of the Low Code Practice