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Terms and Conditions


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§ 01


These Terms and Conditions set rules for using the Objectivity website (hereinafter: “the Website”), including:

  • Types and scope of services provided on the Website
  • The conditions for the provision of services, including technical requirements and a ban on providing unlawful content,
  • The conditions for concluding and terminating the contract for the provision of electronic services.

The entity responsible for the website is Objectivity Ltd., with its registered seat at 9 Westwood House, Westwood Business Park Coventry, CV4 8HS, United Kingdom (hereinafter: “Objectivity”).

§ 02

The website

The use of the Website is free of charge and is allowed for each and every Internet user.

By means of our Website you can learn about Objectivity, our services, experience, plans for the future and the way we work.

§ 03


By using our website you accept these Terms and Conditions regarding the functionalities accessible via our website:

  • Contract form – allows you to ask any question and receive an answer;
  • Blog – allows you to leave your comments under published articles;
  • JoinUs – allows you to file an application for any post available at Objectivity;

These Terms and Conditions are to be considered as a contract for providing services as mentioned in the subsection one above (hereinafter: “Contract”).

The contract is concluded by accessing and using the respective functionalities on our Website.

The contract is deemed to last as long as you are on our Website, or afterwards - if you leave any comment on our Blog.

§ 04


Each and every user shall abide by these Terms and Conditions, obey the rules of the applicable provisions of law and good manners. In particular, it is prohibited to:

  • provide content which would violate the applicable provisions of law;
  • provide false identity or try to mislead or harm Objectivity or other Users;
  • using viruses, trojans, bugs or robots, which could negatively impact the use of the Website and any functionalities mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, or which could harm Objectivity or any User in any possible manner.

§ 05

Technical requirements

In order to use the Website, you are required to possess a device with the Internet access and any viable web browser.

§ 06

Cookies and personal data

Your data is processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy (in particular, see section on Contact Formular and Cookies).

You will also find detailed information of the manner in which your personal data is being processed at the relevant tab where such data may be shared with us (Contact Formular. Blog – comments; JoinUs – application process).

§ 07

Intellectual property

Any materials presented on our Website or related websites (Blog, JoinUs) belong to Objectivity or other related entities from Objectivity Group.

As a User, you are obliged to respect our intellectual property rights to the materials. In particular, you are not allowed to copy or sell them unless such actions would be allowed by the relevant rules of law, e.g. fall within fair use (e.g. copying details of our vacancies in order to analyse them and to apply for the post).

§ 08


We do our best to secure proper functioning of the Website. However, if you are not satisfied with the service, you can file a complaint at:

Your complaint should encompass your contact details and the reasons behind filing the complaint. We may ask you to provide additional details if necessary.

Your complaint will be reviewed within 14 days from the moment we obtain the sufficient details required to provide an answer.

§ 09


The services rendered via the Website are free of charge and on ‘as is’ basis.

Nothing included in these Terms and Conditions limits Objectivity’s liability for death, personal injuries or other events the liability for which could not be limited in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.

§ 10

Force Majeure

Objectivity is not responsible for the non-performance of its obligations under the Terms and Conditions if the non-performance of the said obligations is caused by an event beyond our reasonable control, as well as in a situation which made it impossible to predict the occurrence of such an event or any potential effects (hereinafter: “Force Majeure Event”).

Force Majeure Event include, in particular:

  1. war, strike, sabotage acts,
  2. blackouts,
  3. natural disasters such as storms, floods and earthquakes;
  4. fire and explosions;
  5. acts of law.

Users should be aware that due to technical reasons, any Internet website may undergo breakdowns or other failures or be temporarily out of use due to modernization. Any website may also become a target for malware attack. We do our best to deal with such events swiftly and to ensure satisfactory quality of service.

§ 11

Change of terms

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change.

Any new version of these Terms and Conditions will be published at our Website in appropriate tab and becomes effective in the moment of publication.

§ 12

Final provisions

In the event of any breach of these Terms by Objectivity, the User may seek relief before relevant courts or – with Objectivity’s consent – before appropriate Alternative Dispute Resolution bodies.

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