Technology Radar

Trends and technologies shaping the future of development

We review our technology stack frequently to constantly improve and identify techniques, tools, frameworks, languages and technologies that enable the best business outcomes for our Clients.

This is how we do it

Technology overview 2018

The dots in Radar represent various technologies. Each dot is placed in one of four quadrants logically grouping elements (.NET & Azure, Web & Mobile, Data & AI, Java & AWS) and in one of four rings indicating its trend (Adopt, Assess, Trial, and Hold).

  • The hold ring means to stay away from a particular technology because it has known flaws and/or is not aligned with direction of our projects, teams, etc.
  • The assess ring indicates new promising technology, but one that is not fully understood yet, so some investment (like a development spike or reading a book or watching a presentation) is required to assess its usefulness and impact.
  • The trial ring is for technology you understand but have never tried in real project (enterprise, in our case), so it should be proven first in a Proof-Of-Concept or small project to reveal its weaknesses.
  • Finally, the adopt ring, to quote Mike Mason, an Agile Architect, is for when technologies are so good that “I will make fun of you at the pub if you aren’t using them”.

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