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Streamlining Digital Transformation

Download our white paper to discover how engaging the right technology partner can accelerate innovation and drive your strategic plans.

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Download your FREE copy of our "Streamlining Digital Transformation" white paper

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Digital transformation — setting up for success 

A recent McKinsey report states that 87% of global senior executives found their companies to be unprepared when it comes to addressing the digital skills gap.

Source: McKinsey 

In 2022, a staggering 70% of organisations across the globe found that their innovation plans were impeded due to a lack of access to skilled technology experts. Nevertheless, digital transformation continues to be a high area of focus for executives. In fact, CEOs’ top strategic business priorities for this year and beyond relate specifically to digital innovation and growth. 

As such, what can be done when your company’s technology-driven strategic plans face the possibility of going unrealised due to skill shortages?  

There’s really no way around it. Without the right technology experts and practical capabilities necessary to evolve business ideas into successful digital solutions, keeping up with market dynamics and delivering on growth plans can prove difficult.  

Our latest white paper — “Streamlining Digital Transformation”— aims to explore how choosing a technology partner who offers flexible engagement models can streamline and accelerate your digital innovation plans without overextending your budget.  

Download the white paper to discover how our engagement models and trust-based partnerships have helped a range of our clients to meet their needs — and how we can do the same for your business. 

What’s inside? 

“Streamlining Digital Transformation” white paper 

  1. Digital Transformation — Engagement Models

    The first part of the white paper explores the various flexible engagement models offered by Objectivity, our unique client-centric approach to software delivery as well as tips on how to assess which model would best suit your particular needs.
  2. Customer Success Stories

    The second part of the white paper presents a set of customer success stories based on specific examples of the engagement models within which our clients’ objectives were delivered. 
  1. Project-Based Delivery Case Study 

    This section showcases our client’s innovative digital healthcare solution aimed at helping pregnant persons to quit smoking. The platform, which was created in the project-based delivery model for Health Innovation Manchester, is a great example of how digital transformation in healthcare can streamline processes and lead to better care.  
  2. Dedicated Team Model Case Study 

    The dedicated team model case study describes our 30-year technology partnership with one of our most valued retail industry clients. The presented case study explains how having a trusted technology partner can benefit businesses by providing access to skilled business and technology experts who can work seamlessly with your team to deliver set objectives. The dedicated team model provides organisations with all the necessary competencies to successfully deliver both short- and long-term projects while ensuring knowledge stays in-house and that your priorities are met in line with your plans. 
  3. Team Augmentation Model Case Study 

    In our team augmentation model case study, we describe how our financial services client, having had the flexibility of choosing the number of technology experts and other business project specialists to work alongside their in-house team, was able to significantly accelerate their digital transformation journey. The team augmentation model engagement helped them to quickly address skill shortages to successfully achieve their business objectives within the agreed time and budget.  

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