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Staff Augmentation

Supplement your organisation with the necessary skills and competencies

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Staff augmentation is a strategy used to temporarily increase your staff headcount to ensure that you’re able to respond to your current business objectives. Organisations sometimes require specific skills which are not available in-house, for example, a developer in a specific technology or a data scientist to assist with an artificial intelligence or machine learning project. You may also experience a shortfall while the recruitment process to grow a team is still in progress, but your projects need extra people right now.

In other cases, team augmentation can be used to cover holiday periods or parental leave. Additionally, some organisations choose external organisations to cover day-to-day duties while their own staff are working on innovation, starting new initiatives and handling key projects.

Staff augmentation provides multiple advantages. It can reduce your recruitment efforts and lower operational costs. At the same time, it can give you flexibility, access to specific specialists you need, and increased output. Looking at your existing staff and the plans for the near future, you can determine which additional skills are required. Staff augmentation can be delivered either on-site or remotely.

As Objectivity, we have many years of experience in assisting our clients with different projects in several industries. By choosing Objectivity, you gain a partner who can efficiently manage the team deployment and roll out quickly, without disrupting your core business activities.

Staff Augmentation Options

Objectivity can augment your IT department with individual engineers or entire self-contained teams. These services can be divided into three categories:

01. Resource-based augmentation

Resource-based augmentation provides a small number of developers and QAs who can be absorbed into your project teams and directly managed by your team leaders. If you need it, we also provide a layer of people management, resource coordination and support for the delivery.

Resource-based augmentation is most applicable for clients who manage most of their IT in-house, but require a small number of additional team members to supplement their teams on a temporary basis.

02. Team-based augmentation

Team-based augmentation provides a self-contained, self-managing team for a fixed period of time. The team is continually available throughout the duration to work on prioritised and approved backlog items. You only have to manage the prioritisation of the team’s work. The team members work together and support each other in delivering the required outcomes, taking responsibility for meeting the set goals.

Team-based augmentation is most applicable for clients who have an ongoing need for access to a high-quality team. A DevOps engagement which extends beyond an initial project delivery is the perfect example of that. You receive the continuity of team members which enables retention of knowledge and know-how, as well as the ease of building a healthy working relationship between the team and the client.

03. Project-based augmentation

Project-based augmentation provides a self-contained, self-managing team for an agreed scope of work, usually a single project or specific work streams within one. Project-based teams ramp up and down according to your needs in different phases, and the team composition changes as necessary during the project lifecycle.

Project-based augmentation is most applicable for clients who are undertaking significant projects or programmes, where the addition of one or more high-quality teams is required to secure the delivery. In addition to delivering the outcomes, the team works closely with the client and the other suppliers to hand over all the knowledge and know-how, and to deliver the transition and warranty activities on the project’s completion. Following the go-live, we offer a full range of support services.

A Typical Team Setup

Depending on your requirements, a typical self-contained team comprises:

  • 2-5 developers
  • 1-2 quality engineers
  • A part-time project manager
  • Optionally, a part-time UI/UX designer, Business Analyst and Technical Architect

As a client, you’ll provide:

  • Overall programme management and direction
  • A product owner (a subject matter expert who is part of the project team and is empowered to make project decisions)
  • UI/UX designer, BA and TA input if you don’t want our team to handle these areas

Team Augmentation Engagement

Each resourcing model includes a ramp-up period. This allows us to induct resources into your team over time, ensuring minimal disruption to your core and critical business processes by avoiding a ‘big bang’ transition. This approach also means that as new team members join, core team members can spend one-on-one time with them, ensuring they quickly understand the project and their role within the team.

In the early days of engagement, we spend as much face-to-face time with your organisation as possible to integrate the teams and build relationships. Working together in this way facilitates close cooperation, encourages knowledge-sharing and ensures a smooth transition to a unified team.

We use the Agile methodology for software development. Working in short iterations with constant collaboration and regular feedback between the teams and stakeholders ensures the best business value for our clients. We are flexible in how we engage, and we can adopt your existing model for agile projects or introduce our agile delivery model to your team.

Expected Outcomes

Once established, our team delivers the following outcomes:

  • A fully integrated team with a clear understanding of your business needs, pain points and goals.
  • Significantly increased development, testing and deployment capabilities to support your business in current and future initiatives.
  • Recommendations for improvements to methodologies, processes and practices based on our experience of working in an agile environment.
  • The ability to modify the team size over time, in line with your requirements.
  • A flexible delivery partner with a wide range of skills and experience, able to work with you over time to adapt to your changing needs.

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