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Software Testing Services

Ensure the highest quality of your solution.

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Quality assurance & testing services


The wide range of testing services we provide covers the entire delivery process. Our engineers can always recommend the optimal tests for your software solution. Moreover, we can help your organisation implement effective and agile testing practices.

Why you should improve your testing approach

The benefits of a strong testing strategy

  • Control

    End-to-end testing allows for the quick detection and verification of potential risks and issues, which helps teams deliver projects according to the initial schedule and budget.

  • Visibility

    Frequent testing assessments and timely updates throughout the entire delivery process provide great visibility of the project.

  • Quality

    Thorough quality assurance reduces the risks associated with releasing the solution to production and helps you deliver the best possible experience to your users.


Depending on what you need, you can choose from two general types of testing services. The approach you pick will be further personalised to fulfil your business goals.

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Technology offering

Testing services

We ensure that the technical solution meets your business requirements by providing fast, high-quality information and software testing services — either as a part of the delivery process or as a standalone service. Quality assurance is a key element of delivering software solutions and making sure they support your business.

  • Application testing consists of several areas: Test Management, Manual Tests, Test Automation, Mobile Test, Performance Tests, Accessibility Tests, Penetration Tests, and more.

Our testing practices and methodologies are always tailored to the needs of our customers and can change over the lifespan of your project. We often combine manual and automated tests to achieve the most excellent results. Leveraging our experience, we adjust our methods to maximise the outcome, while minimising risk. Examples of this include implementing the shift-left approach or DevOps practices.

We have vast experience with low-code applications testing, especially in Mendix and Power Platform apps.

The main objective of testing software is to verify the quality of the delivered code. We believe that achieving the highest quality can be done with day-to-day communication and close cooperation between stakeholders and team members.

Our approach

Why Objectivity?

You can trust us to execute, manage, or improve your testing requirements. We can give you the confidence you need in your software solutions, because: 

  • We have more than 90 experienced software quality engineers with various ISTQB certifications, 
  • While we use proven frameworks and processes, we tailor every engagement to suit the exact needs of each client,
  • We developed our own open-source framework Ocaramba for automation and CRUX for performance tests,
  • We’re continually expanding our capability to provide testing services in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Bots, Application Containerisation, and Microservices. 

Case Studies

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Testing Guild Master

Tomasz Fajks

Excellent design is the first step towards creating a solution that will drive your business forward. However, you need to be sure that your solution will perform from day one and for years to come. That’s the true mark of quality.


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