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React JS Development Services

Delivering reliable solutions with excellent user experience.

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React application development

Leading framework for web apps

React JS (also known simply as React) is a free, open-source JavaScript library first used for the building of web user interfaces and reusable UI components in 2011. It’s fast and scalable — it was created to build large and well-performing single page applications (SPAs).

Why choose React?

The benefits of React JS

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    React JS is easy to implement both as a foundation for the entire app and as a way to supplement existing solutions with new features. It leverages well-known and proven concepts, which is why architects and developers often recommend it.

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    It’s one of the most desired web frameworks currently in use. Multiple industry-leading apps are built with React. It’s a proven technology that’s capable of producing enterprise-class solutions.

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    React JS’ component-based architecture and vast open-source libraries of available components ensure fast development. Integrations using this framework are easy and can be done quickly. It also ensures easy maintainability, great scalability, and top performance.  

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Technology offering

React JS development services

We use React JS to build fast, scalable and responsive web applications that will delight your end users. Using the framework’s impressive UI development capabilities, we’re able do deliver apps that not only perform well, but also provide highest standards in terms of UX.

Objectivity’s approach

Our React JS Expertise

Qualified IT Specialists — with over 40 React specialists and more than 150 JavaScript experts, we have the skills required to execute complex projects. As a consequence of our vast experience with multiple web frameworks, we can easily identify which technology is best suited to your new application.

Breadth of Experience — we’re well-versed in using React in different environments. In addition to building standard web applications, we also use this technology to deliver new features in SharePoint, Microsoft Teams or Mendix-based solutions. As an organisation, we have delivered plenty of solutions to our clients from multiple industries, and we’re not afraid of challenging projects.

Strong User Focus — when designing applications, we always focus on delivering flawless user experience. This way, the solutions bring the most business value and end user satisfaction. We can supplement our teams with UX Specialists, Visual Designers and Backend Developers when necessary.

High Quality — as an accomplished technology partner, we pay great attention to the quality of solutions we deliver. By choosing Objectivity for your React project, you can be confident that your project will be developed according to the highest standards.

Enterprise-Class Expertise — we’re the most well-versed at delivering robust, enterprise-class solutions. You can trust us with your most important systems, as we’ve successfully delivered projects for clients in multiple industries and built React-based extensions for various solutions.

Technology stack

  • Redux
  • GraphQL
  • Node.js
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Gatsby
  • Webpack
  • SASS
  • Bootstrap
  • Cypress



Frequently Asked Questions

What is React JS used for?

React JS is an excellent choice for modern applications where performance, user experience and proven solutions are crucial. Thanks to a vastly developed ecosystem, React and the supporting libraries work extremely well for integrating with third-party services and creating unique business solutions. React also works well for extending and modernising existing solutions, especially when you need to add new functionalities with an interactive interface.

Why is React JS so popular?

React owes its popularity to its clear architecture, simplicity in many aspects and amazing flexibility. Its prevalence is also influenced by its massive popularity amongst developers. There’s a wide group of communities and creators of supporting libraries. The long list of leading companies that use this framework and support its maintenance is also relevant. Brands like Facebook, Uber and Instagram use React to develop their products, which contributes to the success and growth of this framework.

Who maintains React and how is it licenced?

React was created and is maintained by Facebook alongside a group of other organisations and individual developers. Support of strong brands helps its popularity and relevancy. It also guarantees that React will be maintained for years as well as that it will follow the latest trends and provide a high level of security. An additional advantage is the fact that, since 2017, React is under the MIT license, which is currently one of the best licences for custom software development.

What does ReactJS provide?

React is mainly focused on UI elements and its state management. Hence, it’s often referred to as a library rather than a framework. To deliver a complete solution, you will need to use additional, third-party libraries. Fortunately, React has a very active community that provides multiple extension libraries and the highest quality tools. As a result, React is applicable in both small projects and big enterprise-level applications.

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