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Quantum Computing Services

Creating competitive advantage with quantum computing solutions

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The future of computing has arrived


Cloud-based quantum computing presents an extraordinary opportunity for businesses to introduce a new level of innovation and boost efficiency. This transformative technology is not only accessible but crucial, providing a distinct competitive advantage in today's data-driven world. Quantum computing is not about the future potential, it's about the performance it already offers.

Tackle your most complex challenges with a quantum solution

The advantages of quantum computing

Unlocking the potential of quantum computing is one of the most promising fields in computer science today. This technology allows for solving problems previously seen as unsolvable. With our quantum computing services, you’ll be able to: 

  • Improve the speed of your calculations 
  • Get more accurate results 
  • Work with more complex data sets 
  • Address different business problems with tailored solutions
  • Boost efficiency of your ML initiatives

At Objectivity, we deliver solutions that provide our clients with real value by solving existing business challenges with quantum computing technology. Leveraging our experience with a wide range of technologies and industries, we can examine your business and identify the areas that can be improved with a well-planned and executed implementation of quantum computing.



The best quantum use cases for right now

Quantum computing solutions across industries

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    Quantum-Powered Auto-Scheduling: Quantum computing automates and optimises driver schedules, resulting in significant reduction in manual rostering efforts and increasing overall operational efficiency.

    Enhanced Customer Targeting: Quantum algorithms have been harnessed in retail to optimise e-commerce item listings, leading to a personalised shopping experience and increased sales.

    Quantum-Precision Recommender Systems: Quantum computing supports streamlining recommender systems. It helps maintain quality while reducing complexity and identify key influencing factors, leading to improved performance and customer experience.

  • Support Maintenance Continuous Value Delivery


    Assembly Line Optimisation: Quantum computing helps in refining assembly line sequences, significantly reducing the number of necessary line switches.

    Factory Floor Logistics: Quantum computing can optimise the pathing for automated vehicles on factory floors, improving overall operational efficiency.

    Supply Chain and Production Planning: Quantum computing provides superior solutions for complex supply chain and production planning issues, reducing logistics costs, and facilitating rapid scenario modelling for manufacturing companies.

  • Finance Business Efficiency


    Accelerated Risk Scenario Simulations: Quantum computing can speed up risk analysis simulations, improving risk management and reducing losses caused by fraud and poor data management.

    Improved Fraud Detection: Quantum algorithms can reduce false positives in fraud detection systems, making them more reliable and efficient for finance organisations.

    Portfolio Adjustment: Quantum computing can expedite data processing and computations, assisting in refinement of investment portfolios for a more balanced risk-return profile. 

The process of onboarding quantum computing technology

How to prepare your organisation for quantum computing?

We created a 4-step framework meant to help our clients onboard quantum computing technology. It’s a business-driven implementation approach where we adjust the whole process to the requirements of your organisation and industry. During the process, we jointly identify the areas that are ready for quantum computing technology to generate both short- and long-term benefits. 

The 4 stages of adoption are: 

  1. Awareness — we’ll help you understand quantum computing technology and its potential. During these conversations, we will cover the implications for your business and the entire sector you operate in. The sessions will contain multiple examples of quantum technology use cases. 
  2. Discovery — together, we’ll define a list of topics as potential opportunities for quantum development. We will then divide the topics into two categories — a) use cases that can be solved with already available quantum computers, b) ideas that need to wait a while longer until the technology advances. As a result, you’ll receive a custom quantum adoption roadmap and business case preparation support. 
  3. Proof of Concept — we’ll create and verify prototypes of the selected solutions from the discovery phase, using real data to ensure their quality and performance. 
  4. Production — lastly, we’ll also integrate the quantum computing solution with your IT ecosystem. It will become available for a wider group of users and be compliant with production-scale standards. 


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Things you should know about quantum computing


The problems that are most suitable for quantum computing are those which require high computing power or accurate simulation capabilities. This means that quantum technology can help you with quantum systems simulation, new drug development, protein folding, quantum chemistry and similar. 

The second-best type of applications that can be run on quantum computers are those which solve optimisation and combinatorial topics. These problems exist in every organisation — noteworthy examples include scheduling, logistics or resource optimisation, credit scoring, risk analysis, portfolio optimisation, inventory routing, Monte Carlo simulations, and more. 

The last two topics are security and machine learning areas. Here, quantum computing can enhance already existing algorithms to improve the speed of calculations and the quality of results. This technology will define new standards, especially in security.

Case studies

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Head of Emerging Technologies & Solution Architect

Michał Jankowski

Our team will help you find the best path to onboard quantum technology in your organisation. Get in touch, and let’s discuss how quantum computing can enable you to achieve your business goals.

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