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Product Development

Focus on user needs and market fit to build the right product.

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Product development services 


Product development encompasses all the stages of a product's journey from the initial concept to its market release.

The end-to-end product development lifecycle consists of:

  • Identifying market and user needs
  • Narrowing down the product vision
  • Defining requirements
  • Building a product roadmap
  • Developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Validating the MVP against the market
  • Continuous improvement in line with user feedback and strategic goals
  • Support & maintenance





The benefits of product development 

Why invest in end-to-end product development? 

Product development can be a challenging process. You may want to employ this strategy to grow your business but can understandably be hesitant about the associated costs, lack of development experience, or your team's capacity.

However, when done right, adopting a product development strategy can ensure your business thrives and increases its innovation potential while allowing you to align with the market.

By choosing to add new products to your portfolio, you will be able to target new customer segments, increase your market share and sales, as well as open up new revenue streams.

The phases of product development

Objectivity's product development services

We offer 4 types of product development services — ensuring your business needs are met from the very beginning to the moment you launch your product and beyond.


product design process

Product Strategy Planning

If you’re looking to better define your product vision and target market, our Product Strategy Planning phase, focused on consultancy and analysis, will enable you to gain in-depth knowledge of your future solution’s entire landscape.

During this phase, we’ll work with you to build a comprehensive understanding of users’ needs and challenges through a series of workshops and interviews.

Time scope: 1-3 weeks

Product Design Phase

The Product Design Phase aims to turn the insights gathered and analysed in the Product Strategy Planning phase into a tangible output.

At this stage, we assess the requirements and build a high-fidelity prototype equipped with the most business relevant features as well as collect user feedback.

Time scope: 2-6 weeks

Product Implementation

Our software product implementation services closely align to your business needs, allowing us to deliver the most fit-for-purpose software product.

This stage, however, comprises more than mere implementation — it focuses on continuous improvement, time-to-market acceleration as well as product innovation and optimisation.

User feedback is collected through a variety of tests and product analytics allow for insights to become actionable by serving as the basis for the product’s continuous improvement and growth.

The Implementation phase will provide you with a working solution containing all of the product’s essential features. The MVP and its enhancements will be delivered iteratively.

Time scope: suitable to project size

Product Maintenance

Our product maintenance and managed support services ensure your product is regularly upgraded and updated with the use of the latest technologies. Fit-for-purpose support services, including seamless integration and migration, aim to maintain your users’ high level of satisfaction.

As your product will change over time, future enhancements will be delivered iteratively.

Time scope: suitable to your needs

Product development methodology

Ensuring you build the right product

Building a successful product is about much more than using the latest technology to create your solution. Future users' pain points and market fit are just some of the key challenges that need to be addressed before you get started.

We have a holistic approach to product development, meaning that we offer our services at every stage of the product's journey to the market.

Our end-to-end product development approach will enable you to:

  • Transform your product idea into digital reality with the support of tech experts
  • Leverage a product-first type of mindset and transparent cooperation since day one
  • Make use of effective design and development practices with a constant focus on value
  • Ensure development consistency and product vision alignment

Cross-functional product team — ensuring you build the right product, the right way

cross functional product team process

At Objectivity, we have a mindset and a framework that considers your organisation's structure and vision. Our technology and domain expertise as well as team structure allow us to focus on the efficiency and competencies required to deliver the most suitable software.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps in product development?

1. Product Strategy Planning

2. Product Design Phase

3. Development & Maintenance

These 3 phases are cyclically revisited to ensure continuous improvement in line with customer expectations and market trends. The steps include a recurring re-evaluation of your goals over time to assess whether the product is successfully meeting users’ evolving needs.

How do you estimate product development?

Each phase is estimated separately so if you’re only interested in engaging us to organise a Product Strategy Planning or Product Design phase, you can start anywhere and only pay for what you need.

What are the things you should consider before starting your product development?

The preliminary aspects of your product development plan you should focus on are your product idea and the target group. What’s your product vision? Who will benefit from your software product and how? We can help you address these questions more thoroughly during the Product Strategy Planning phase, but it would be useful for you to have an idea of what user need you’d like to solve with your product.

If, on the other hand, you feel that you have already clearly defined your idea and target group, you could start your product development journey from the Product Design phase.

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If you’d like to discuss your product vision, get in touch. One of our experts will address any questions you may have, and help you plan the next steps of your product development journey.

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