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Power Platform Services

Bringing software development closer to business users.

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Power Platform low-code development


Microsoft Power Platform is a valuable tool that can help you keep your software development efforts aligned and closely connected to your objectives. Leveraging its unique advantages, such as ease of onboarding and development speed, you’ll be able to quickly validate your ideas and build applications that support your business.

Being an early adopter of low-code and an expert in Microsoft’s technology stack, Objectivity can provide Power Platform services which will help you leverage this technology in the most effective and goal-oriented manner.

The benefits of Power Platform services

Why implement the Power Platform in your organisation?

  • Speed

    By leveraging low-code’s drag-and-drop development capabilities, the Power Platform delivers impressive development speed. This enables fast prototyping and makes it easier to validate initial assumptions. Moreover, when the solution is already available to end users, you can respond to changing business needs by quickly introducing new features and updates. 

  • Integrations

    As the Power Platform is a part of Microsoft’s technology stack, it can make use of several hundred built-in connectors that allow for easy integrations with other services. A solution built using the Power Platform can be easily connected with other Microsoft services and several popular applications outside the Microsoft stack. The platform also allows for building custom integrations whenever out-of-the-box connectors are not enough to accomplish your business goals.

  • Citizen Development

    Thanks to its incredible ease of entry, the Power Platform is a great fit for citizen developers. It enables business users to build applications by themselves in a secure environment governed by the IT department. This, coupled with the involvement of professional developers, results in an effective, business-driven development model. A capable technology partner can also train your selected employees to quickly become skilled citizen developers. 

  • Flexibility

    The Power Platform supports three main application types — Canvas Apps, model-driven applications, and Power Pages. They provide a wide range of possibilities and the ability to answer different needs. This provides a high level of flexibility that can be further extended with the help of bespoke development.

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How we can help you

Technology offering

By establishing a Centre of Excellence (CoE), you’ll be able to effectively implement the Power Platform into your organisation. A CoE is an internal function that promotes best practices, ensures governance, and drives innovation within a specific technology. Your Power Platform Centre of Excellence will gather your knowledge in one place and allow for the smart and effective use of this platform in the future. We’ll help you establish this through our 4-step framework, consisting of planning, governance, architecture and nurturing.  

Early low-code adopter with Microsoft expertise

Our approach

While simple Power Apps can be built by almost anyone who has undergone basic training, you’ll need some assistance to make the most of the Power Platform and ensure it serves your business effectively.  

We have extensive experience with Microsoft’s technology stack, including .NET development and the Azure cloud. This, in combination with proficiency in areas such as DevOps and Data & AI, allows us to provide comprehensive, end-to-end Power Platform services that extend far beyond building applications.  

One of the greatest advantages offered by the Power Platform is the possibility to use it to extend existing systems. Often, the main difficulty in this process is integrating the platform into your existing IT landscape. At Objectivity, we have the know-how to help you implement this technology in the best way possible — excelling at system integration, as we have had the chance to carry out various complex, large-scale integrations throughout the years.  

We have been working with low-code platforms since 2017, making us an early adopter of this unique technology. When most companies were still debating the feasibility of low-code, we were already delivering successful low-code solutions to our clients. This allowed us to develop goal-focused best practices in solving business problems with low-code, across multiple industries. 

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