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Software Rescue Services

Application take-on for successful service delivery.

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Software recovery methodology

What we offer as part of our software rescue service

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    A clear understanding of your business goals, service requirements and the value they’re expected to bring.

  • Finance Improved Customer Experience


    Well-defined KPIs and measurement methods so that we can assess whether your goals are being met.

  • Public Sector Improved Citizen Outcomes


    Close cooperation with you, enabling an efficient decision-making process and transparency in all aspects of the project.

  • Devops Increased Quality And Stability


    Identifying potential automation or optimisation opportunities alongside the transition plan implementation.

  • Certificate

    Best practices

    A delivery service based on well-established standards (such as ITIL) and divided into manageable parts (iterations), in line with the agile approach.

  • Dev


    Applying the DevOps model to combine the continuous delivery with the support of the provided solution.


We specialise in solving critical issues and providing fit-for-purpose solutions. By working with us, you’ll receive a time- and cost-effective service that supports your business according to your needs. If one of your services is failing, we’ll recover it and put it back on track, providing day-to-day support and a stable and reliable delivery. With our software rescue service, we’ll also enhance or optimise your legacy systems.

We’ll transform your critical service into a success thanks to a thorough analysis of the existing situation and a tailored solution addressing your challenges — all with minimum effort on your side. Our software rescue service is based on quick diagnosis and planning, which allow for a smooth and rapid service delivery, bringing you instant business value.

Common software support challenges

In need of service recovery?

Application support service can be ineffective due to many different reasons. If you’re experiencing any of the challenges below, our software rescue service can help you address them:

  • The quality of service is below expectations or not in line with the contract.
  • The previous support team lacked the competencies or experience to maintain applications effectively.
  • No post-development support and no one to take over the application.
  • SLAs/KPIs are not met/or the service is not in line with ITIL best practices.
  • Miscommunication, a lack of strong governance and not enough transparency from the current vendor.
  • A lack of continuous improvement initiatives.
  • The previous vendor went out of business or abandoned the software.


Addressing your service recovery needs

Our 3-phase software rescue approach

We take a phased approach to the work we perform for you to ensure our process is complete and in line with your goals. During each stage of our cooperation, we’ll collect your feedback to see if any adjustments are needed or if your priorities have shifted. We believe that decisions can only be made based on solid and transparent data, and we make sure you always have the information you need.

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    IT audit

    We’ll set up a baseline by examining and evaluating your infrastructure, software, and processes. We’ll identify any potential risks and present the results of our audit.

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    Transition plan

    In this phase, we’ll plan the iterative steps necessary to restore the service to the normal level agreed in the SLA in the shortest time possible. You’ll receive periodic reports on the progress.

  • Devops Increased Quality And Stability

    Continuous support

    Once the audit and transition steps are completed, we’ll move on to continuous application support through the “business as usual” service delivery.

Our success stories

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