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Managed Cloud Services

Reliable, fit-for-purpose cloud management solutions.

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Managed cloud services tailored to your needs

The right strategy for your business

  • Devops Increased Quality And Stability


    In this approach, we’ll build the applications from the ground up according to your requirements. This includes the design, preparation and delivery of all assets required for a cloud-ready solution, and the implementation of cloud-hosted applications tailored to your needs.

  • Support Maintenance Continuous Value Delivery


    Our team will provide recommendations for cost optimisation as well as performance and security improvement.
    Depending on your needs, we can improve the application source code, configuration, DevOps pipelines and databases. This also covers cloud migration.

  • Shake Hands


    We’ll provide comprehensive support of your existing solution or the one we’ve designed and delivered. This includes services such as: application monitoring and maintenance, Azure Network configuration, Azure DevOps, low-code platforms, Office 365 and Dynamics 365.


Objectivity’s managed cloud offering consists of a wide range of services that can be adapted to your business requirements. We can develop and implement a brand-new solution as well as manage applications and systems delivered by other vendors. Whether you require cloud services to host your own critical business systems or you are providing business systems to power others, Objectivity has a range of services that can support you.

Support at every stage of your cloud journey

The business value of managed cloud services

Managed cloud services can boost your business by simplifying your IT operations and reducing their overall cost. Objectivity provides a comprehensive, expert service at every stage of the application lifecycle, including complete cloud implementation, continuous improvement, and operational solution support. Such a combination allows us to deliver lasting business value, while focusing on the aspects that matter most to you.

Cloud computing models

Customisable cloud hosting options

We work with the three models of cloud computing — Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. We can manage your cloud subscription in a way that addresses your specific needs.

With IaaS, you’ll gain access to cloud computing infrastructure like servers, networks, storage etc., which are managed by us as your cloud vendor.
PaaS is intended to support the entire application lifecycle. In addition to the infrastructure, this model also comes with development tools, operating systems, database management, analytics solutions, and more. In this scenario, you can still use your own software or one delivered by a third-party vendor, and we’ll help you manage your cloud environment.

In the SaaS model, we’ll provide an end-to-end cloud management service. On top of managing the infrastructure and platform components, we’ll create code, run tests, and maintain your cloud-hosted applications.
We’ll analyse your existing solution and business priorities to help you make an informed decision regarding which model to choose for your organisation.

Benefits of managed cloud solutions

Measurable results

  • Fast time-to-market for new features and systems and a wide range of software integration options.
  • Cost reduction thanks to a predictable price, scalable service, and the elimination of physical infrastructure and its maintenance.
  • A reliable infrastructure — no downtime and improved system availability, flexibility, and scalability.
  • Compliance and cybersecurity support.
  • Cloud disaster recovery service.

Our success stories

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Jon Finn

We create custom-tailored software solutions to enable you to meet your business growth objectives. Start your project with Objectivity today to be ready for the digital world of tomorrow.

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