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Application Security Services

Safeguard your applications against cyberattacks.

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Application security to support your business goals


Keeping your business safe from cyberattacks is crucial in building trust amongst customers. The most common vulnerabilities come from improper security configuration, insufficient security budgets, and remote work. Applications, in particular, pose significant security risks. 

To help you keep your applications safe, we provide comprehensive application security services, covering various layers, including cloud, architecture, workload, and application itself. Our offering comprises multiple subservices tailored to address specific needs, giving you the flexibility to implement them collectively or individually. 

What you can gain with strong application security

Ensuring safety from vulnerabilities

  1. Comprehensive protection of company assets thanks to multilayer security. 
  2. Defence against today’s biggest application security concerns, the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities. 
  3. Protection from unwanted bot activity such as scraping, spam comments, fraudulent purchases, form-jacking, fake reviews, and more. 
  4. Robust defences against denial-of-service (DoS) attacks ensuring high application availability. 
  5. Increased security of business-relevant legacy applications and APIs. 
  6. Alerts on misconfiguration of your application security posture within your on-prem and cloud environment. 

End-to-end approach to application security

A proven cybersecurity model

Our complete approach to security consists of the following subservices: 

1. Application Security 

  • Defence against a wide range of multi-vector attacks, including those targeting the OWASP Top 10 
  • Application and API Platform security 
  • Bot mitigation — detecting and preventing unwanted bot activity 
  • Preventing volumetric attacks from crashing applications 
  • Protection against targeted denial-of-service (DoS) attacks 
  • Protection against zero-day exploits 

2. Workload Security 

  • Vulnerability management 
  • Patch management of running workloads 
  • Alerting on and preventing vulnerabilities across environments 
  • Static code analysis 

3. Architecture Security 

  • Security posture review, including: 
    • Security architecture 
    • Identity access management (IAM) 
    • Access permissions  
    • Application performance monitoring 
    • Infrastructure monitoring 
    • Application performance monitoring (APM) 

4. Cloud Security 

  • Review, recommendations, and design of secure cloud architectures in accordance with best practices 
  • Cloud cost optimisations 




An experienced technology partner

Why Objectivity?


  • Homepage Successfull Projects

    Fast onboarding

    We prioritise the safety of your apps, ensuring they receive protection within the first few days of the engagement.

  • Objectivity Icons BI & Data Engineering

    Proactive monitoring

    A dedicated team provides 24/7 monitoring, swiftly detecting threats and responding to application attacks.

  • Support Maintenance Continuous Value Delivery

    Technical security review

    Our security experts assess your application's security posture, providing recommendations for fine-tuning security configuration where necessary.

  • Aboutus We Deliver On Our Promise

    Cyberattack readiness

    We establish effective communication workflows and clear escalation paths to ensure any attacks will be handled efficiently.

  • Aboutus We Are A One Stop Shop

    Service management

    Our Service Delivery Managers work closely with you to guarantee the proper level of support and respond to any inquiries. You’ll also have access to service-level reporting, allowing you to oversee supporting activities.

  • Shake Hands

    Partnerships and certificates

    Our team includes engineers who have passed the AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Technology Exam, and we have established partnerships with Microsoft and AWS. Objectivity holds the ISO27001 and ISO9001 accreditations as well as the Cyber Essentials Plus certification.




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Senior Service Management Leader

Grzegorz Pacyna

We use our extensive experience and individual approach to provide tailored security services to our clients. Our application security model will mitigate vulnerabilities and keep your solutions safe.

Gpacyna Objectivity Cloud

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