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Low-Code Centre of Excellence

Establish a strong platform for collaboration, inspiration, and knowledge sharing.

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The benefits of a Low-Code Centre of Excellence

Accelerate digitalisation with low-code

  • Stay in control

    Utilise the ability to manage and govern low-code development initiatives. We will help you establish an effective governance practice to ensure the security and compliance of your low-code solutions.

  • Standardise your approach

    Make solutions within your company consistent and easy to manage through the application of reusable components, common integration mechanisms and UI themes.

  • Share knowledge

    Your talented and creative staff, who drive digital transformation through citizen development, deserve recognition. They will inspire others and give them the courage to start building the IT solutions your business needs.

  • Drive innovation

    Increase the adoption of low-code through proper nurturing, such as training and education, inspiration workshops, community building, and removing technical obstacles.

  • Deliver mission critical solutions

    Deliver mission critical or company-wide solutions, that require the right level of security, scalability, and availability. With our technical experience and mature delivery process, we’ll ensure the success of your most ambitious initiatives.

What is a Low-Code Centre of Excellence?

A Low-Code Centre of Excellence is a coordinated function, which drives innovation and improvement, shares best practices and knowledge, whilst at the same time provides consistency, and governance through standards and competent staff.

A CoE could start off as a small endeavour led by a single person using tools, techniques, and best practices to bring transparency and consistency into low-code activities. It could grow into a mature environment with separate functions and roles dedicated to governance, policy automation, training, nurturing, technical support, as well as professional development resources for mission critical project delivery.

Methodology – plan, govern, architect & nurture

Establishing a Low-Code Centre of Excellence

Our low-code experts will help you establish a Low-Code Centre of Excellence at your organisation. Objectivity’s Low-Code Centre of Excellence Development Framework is based on our experience in IT Consulting, Digital Transformation, and Change Management projects and our extensive knowledge of Mendix and the Microsoft Power Platform.

1. Plan

We first conduct an in-depth assessment of the state of your low-code adoption based on our framework. Doing so helps us identify which solutions are being built and which good practices have already been developed and followed. Thanks to the assessment, we can highlight key issues and risks as well as recommend quick-wins. Based on these findings, we then help you develop a low-code adoption plan.

2. Govern

Effective governance has to ensure proper control, while being as frictionless as possible for developers and innovators. We’ll help you develop data protection, environment, and license provisioning policies, which are both secure and transparent and help increase your development speed. In modern platforms such as the Microsoft Power Platform, policies can often be fully automated. We’ll work to create automated rules and conditions that will trigger additional decision points when an app needs a more careful approach (e.g. particularly sensitive data needs to be accessed or a solution needs to be exposed to a larger number of end users).

3. Architect

The success of your low-code adoption will depend on appropriate architecture planning. We’ll help you architect the integration, so your other systems’ data is accessed in a consistent way. We’ll recommend common patterns, standards, and best practices to ensure your solutions are of high quality, intuitive to use, and in line with your branding.

4. Nurture

When driving Digital Transformation through citizen development, your employees will be your most valuable asset. They will have the ideas, the will, and the talent necessary to transform and digitise your business. You can inspire and help them with appropriate nurturing. We’ll help you identify the most talented and active citizen developers in your organisation. We’ll help you design and run inspirational events and trainings for any of your employees who would like to start building their own solutions. We’ll also support you and your team with any of the more challenging technical aspects of low-code.


Our Low-code team, consisting of Solution Architects, Developers, and Data Engineers will support you at all stages of building your CoE. Whether you need to outsource part of your project delivery, require technical advice, or need 24/7 support for your live systems — we have the skills and capacity you need.

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