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DevOps for Low-Code Solutions

Support and continuous improvement of your low-code applications.

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DevOps for low-code applications


Low-code solutions are becoming more and more popular with leading platforms like Mendix and the Power Platform having established their positions in the market. Applying the DevOps approach to low-code applications can ensure their high availability, fast adjustments, and longevity.

We’ll take care of the application management in the areas such as bug fixes and code level support to ensure uninterrupted assistance while fixing issues or developing new features. We also provide proactive monitoring and cloud hosting management. With our DevOps support, your low-code solution will be managed and maintained holistically, so it can deliver the greatest business value.

Why implement DevOps?

Benefits of DevOps for low-code solutions

  • Public Sector Efficiency

    Flexibility: Operational Support and Continuous Development

    Our low-code DevOps team is ready to provide and prioritise operational support to ensure seamless business operations and work on the development of your application. In addition to solving incidents and service requests, our team will work closely with the Product Owner to set the direction for the solution, agree on the roadmap, and manage continuous improvements. 

  • Aboutus We Deliver On Our Promise

    Service Continuity: Adjusted Support Hours and Tier-Structured Support

    We provide tailored, fit-for-purpose services designed to match any business needs. Whether your application is critical during your office hours or used across several regions and requires extended or 24/7 support, we’ll be able to find a fitting service model. Our team will become an integral part of your IT ecosystem and cooperate closely with key stakeholders. We’ll also adjust the scope of our work to your exact requirements. 

  • Support Maintenance Continuous Value Delivery

    Transparency and Communication: Agile Service Management

    Our DevOps team works with trusted ITIL methodologies, leveraging the Agile approach to deliver and support seamless business operations. The Service Delivery Management team provides detailed reporting and ensures that the DevOps team and delivery processes are efficient, allowing you to focus on achieving your business goals. Service governance ensures regular communication with all involved parties: your IT department, business users, and third-party vendors.

How to get started?

Implementing DevOps for low-code solutions

The implementation of DevOps can bring significant benefits to your solution and its users, but it’s often a complex process. The aspects you should consider at the beginning include:

  • Support hours

We offer support during core business hours, extended business hours, or 24/7 support to ensure that your business operations remain uninterrupted. You can always choose the option that’s optimal for your business model.  

  • Tier-structured support

We structured our support team into tiers to optimise and ensure continuity: Tier 1 covers application maintenance, Tier 2 provides code level support, and Tier 3 is devoted to the development of additional features.

  • Other special requests

Including seasonal peaks, cooperation with your internal helpdesk and other vendors, or the adjustment of IT Service Management Tools. It can all be included in our service, as we have a skilled IT Service Operations team, from experts in various technologies to experienced Service Delivery Managers.

We’re happy to get involved at any stage of your application development lifecycle. Whether you want us to build and maintain your application from scratch or improve the current maintenance model, we will help you transition your existing setup to DevOps.

For new applications, we set up projects in the appropriate model to deliver the application and smoothly transition it to the DevOps model.

If you want Objectivity to take on an existing application, we usually carry out the engagement in 3 stages:


  • Acceptance Report

    Audit and Discovery

    A review of the application, its code and complexity, as well as an analysis of business needs, and the effort required for service maintenance and development. After this stage, the team prepares a list of recommendations, a fitting DevOps model, and a cost estimate.

  • Area

    Transition and Transformation

    The team runs a series of activities to ensure that your business is ready to adopt the DevOps continuous support model. At this point, we set up the necessary tools and teams, transfer knowledge and carry out training sessions. It’s also crucial to select the governance model and set up reporting.

  • Devops Increased Quality And Stability

    Continuous DevOps Support

    In the early stage of support, we usually agree on a calibration period which covers more detailed and frequent reporting to ensure that the proposed support and cost model is meeting business needs.

Why Objectivity?

Our expertise

Objectivity has been providing IT Support to our clients for more than 30 years. We have a wide and well-established support structure, while remaining flexible to meet any individual business needs you may have.

In addition to a strong low-code expertise, we have experience in providing support to clients from different industries such as retail, public sector, finance, and healthcare. By partnering with us, you’ll have an opportunity to work with experts in multiple technologies and platforms.

Our low-code DevOps team is highly skilled in Mendix and the Power Platform. When needed, you can also get assistance in areas such as monitoring and cloud hosting. Moreover, we have the capacity to support the development of new application elements, even if they require the use of other technologies. Reporting is a great example of such an area—we can create individual reports for your business partners or establish regular reporting with Power BI.

With our expertise, you’ll be guaranteed that your application receives the required support, and it’s continuously developed to deliver business value.


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We’ve been using the Smokefree Platform for over a year now. In addition to the great collaboration during the creation of the app, Objectivity has also been an exceptional partner further in the process. They’ve been very responsive and flexible in responding to our request, and the solution is continuously improved and further developed. With their technical support, we’re able to better fulfil our mission and serve our patients.

Jane Coyne

Smoke Free Pregnancy Programme Manager


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