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Kubernetes in Development

Efficient management of your software solutions

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Kubernetes Container and Cluster Management

What is Kubernetes?

Ensuring proper resource allocation and efficient operations is a crucial part of a successful business. In order to optimise your spending, you’ll need to make sure that your company is actually using the machines you’re paying for. This can be easily achieved with containerisation and Kubernetes. It’s a platform that takes care of scaling and failover of your applications, facilitates monitoring as well as deployments, and simplifies configuration.

Why use Kubernetes in your projects?

Leveraging Kubernetes

Apart from distributing users’ load among existing containers depending on current demand, Kubernetes can also increase or decrease the overall throughput of your system to match business peaks and troughs. This automatic scaling, combined with several available deployment strategies, can help you achieve high availability.

Since Kubernetes can host several applications at the same time, the same computing resources attached to it can be used by different systems without the need for redeployments. This decreases overall operational costs and ensures your organisation is making the best use of existing resources.

Good monitoring is necessary to spot the weak points of your solution and later improve them. Kubernetes has several built-in metrics and logging options that provide basic visibility of the system’s status. It also offers self-healing activities like restarting containers that are not responding. These functionalities can be easily extended with a standard monitoring toolset or the tools already adopted by your organisation.



Kubernetes offers secret and configuration management, which effectively makes the operation work easier and decreases the number of necessary production deployments. This way, you’ll be able to ensure that all access to your system is authorised, and the solution is secure. Managing it all in Kubernetes is easier and more effective than doing so manually in every application. Moreover, similar to the monitoring aspect, it can be easily integrated with other secret management systems.

Finally, it’s a tool you can use on your own infrastructure or any cloud platform. Even if your systems are still hosted on-premises, Kubernetes will make the potential cloud migration easier and more streamlined in the future.

As Objectivity, we’re partnered with AWS and Microsoft Azure to deliver pristine cloud-based solutions. If you want to further decrease complexity, you can even choose Kubernetes as a managed service from your cloud provider.

What can we provide with Kubernetes?

The ways we can help you

  • Area

    Application design

    Although powerful, Kubernetes is often used unnecessarily or only at the level of its basic features. This is one of the main reasons why this tool may be perceived as overly complicated, which may lead to reduced productivity. With our expertise, we’ll help you determine whether your product actually needs Kubernetes and will make use of all its features.

  • AI Increased Productivity

    Modern delivery pipeline

    Writing new features is one thing, but an efficient pipeline that will deliver them to production is another. Our engineers will modernise and automate the way you provision Kubernetes clusters and deploy your applications. Everything according to the best infrastructure- and pipeline as code principles, in a reusable and transparent way.

  • Devops Increased Quality And Stability

    Monitoring and maintenance

    Creating an effective monitoring strategy for a distributed and dynamic system like a Kubernetes cluster generates new challenges. However, the need for good visibility on the status of services and resources as well as users’ activities remains unchanged. Our experience allows us to choose the right tools for this purpose and ensure low maintenance costs, while providing you with strong visibility and control of the solution.



What makes us the right choice?

Why Objectivity?

The 30 years of experience as a technology partner, and the wide variety of client projects we delivered, gave us the expertise to always provide business value with our solutions. You can entrust us with your existing application, as we’re capable of quickly taking over a system and all the associated responsibilities.

We’re can develop and support even the largest mission-critical systems, as we specialise in enterprise-class solutions. This expertise, alongside the experience in multiple industries, allows us to quickly enter a new project and become a valuable part of the team.

Experience is one of our biggest assets — we only hire developers who have already worked on commercial projects. We also make sure that they have everything they need to continuously improve their skills. Objectivity’s teams always have the necessary competencies and our people handle all projects with responsibility.

As an organisation, we have vast experience with multiple technologies and industries. This allows us to recommend the best approach to achieve your business goals. Kubernetes is only one of the tools in our engineers’ hands and we can combine it with other technologies when it can help your business.


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Things You Should Know About Kubernetes

When your system won’t use its key features like autoscaling and self-healing. Don’t use it in a Proof of Concept, pilot or any other system that simply has too small traffic to be scaled.  


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