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Java Development Services

Versatile solutions to meet your business needs.

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Bespoke development with Java


Java is perfect for large, enterprise-class projects. It gives you platform independence, security and, together with numerous open-source tools and libraries, significantly reduces the amount of new code that needs to be created and maintained. Java also provides great control over the code quality and helps build well-performing applications.

Why is Java the right choice for your projects?

Java’s unique qualities

  • Java has a strong backward compatibility and long support lifecycle. It makes upgrades and modernisations cheap and relatively easy.
  • It’s a free language that’s supported on every platform. There are many available distributions backed by major market entities. It’s a safe choice that won’t cause vendor lock-in.
  • There are multiple open-source frameworks and libraries that can vastly accelerate the development and provide the flexibility needed for different types of projects and business challenges.
  • It’s a bespoke development technology with great capabilities, so the language itself and the available tools won’t be a limitation.
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Technology offering

Java development services

Java allows for the development of reliable, scalable and well-performing web applications. We use it to write new services that can fulfil any business need. Thanks to our holistic end-to-end approach, you can be sure that the solution will be focused on delivering business value.

What makes us the right choice?

Why Objectivity?

As an experienced technology partner, we’ve helped our clients with a range of projects at various stages of the process. You can entrust us with solutions that are already in development, as we’re capable of quickly taking over a project and all the associated responsibilities.

We can take care of large, mission-critical systems, because we specialise in enterprise-class solutions. This expertise helps us to get started quickly and to become an effective part of the project.

Our teams have extensive expertise — we only hire developers with actual project experience and encourage them to continuously develop their skills. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your solutions will be delivered responsibly.

Thanks to our experience with multiple technologies and industries, we treat every project individually and always recommend the most fit-for-purpose solution. Java is only one of the programming languages we specialise in. Hence, if after assessing your needs, we’ll find that your project would benefit from using a different technology, we’ll adapt our recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of applications can you develop in Java?

Java can be used to develop applications of any type. However, based on our project experience, we identified three most common use cases:

Services containing business logic and which expose APIs — a part of almost every web and mobile application.

All kinds of integrations between existing systems.

Extensions for platforms and tools written in Java, hence where Java is the obvious choice. For example, custom services in the Mendix low-code platform or extensions for the BPMN tool Camunda.

Why is Java more popular than other languages?

Java is platform-independent, so you can run it on different operating systems and devices. It has an easy learning curve, a massive community, and great documentation. There are thousands of free, open-source platforms, frameworks, and tools. They can simplify the entire application creation process, from development, through quality gates to releases.

Can I use Java for web development?

Yes, you can. There are tools like the Java EE Platform with Servlets and JavaServer Pages, Vaadin, Play framework, Wicket, Struts, and many more. However, in most cases, we tend to combine Java with Angular or React.

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