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IT Landscape Audit

Ensuring the enterprise architecture supports business plans and uncovers the source of challenges.

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Key benefits for your business

  • Fit-for-Purpose Assessment

    This assessment will show you exactly where your most pressing challenges lie. The gathered insights will allow you to better understand what your business needs moving forward.

  • Tailored 360 View

    Our ready-to-use framework covers: Development & Delivery Processes, Enterprise & Solutions Architecture & Governance, Business, and Technical Teams Linkage. You select which topics you’d like to discuss in greater detail.

  • Clear Recommendations

    Objectivity’s consulting framework follows a tested path which ensures that all observations and findings are considered when assessing threats and opportunities. Thanks to this, you get a set of comprehensive recommendations, which you can then immediately set in motion.

  • Actionable Roadmap

    You will receive actionable roadmaps which clearly present priorities and next steps. These will take into consideration both the tactical and strategic perspective and will be based on a thorough analysis of your organisation’s needs.

  • "Change Initiative" Kick-Off

    If you require an external team to kick off your change initiative and implement next steps, our experts can help you do just that. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can provide more comprehensive end-to-end support and lead the initiative for you.

Delivering tangible business value

Measurable outcomes:

  • Assessment of how well your business aspirations, plans, and strategies are understood by the IT function and how well the current architecture supports business requirements.
  • Independent set of observations grouped into three layers – Enterprise Architecture, Solutions Architecture, and Technical Realisation.
  • Roadmap of recommendations containing an action plan, prioritised by business value versus technical complexity.
  • Detailed risk assessment presented as a risk mitigation plan.

Consulting services tailored to your needs

How this service can help your business


  • IT departments of modern organisations are no longer the costs centres. They now play an important role in revenue streams. A Fit-for-Purpose Assessment Audit will help you find and address any inefficiencies, whether they concern your infrastructure, solutions, enterprise architecture, or any other processes.

  • Are you looking to better understand your organisation’s IT landscape? If so, the Independent Enterprise Architecture Audit will enable you to accurately assess whether your IT capabilities can support your business growth objectives.

  • Enterprise software solutions have their own lifecycles and varying degrees of maturity. The Solutions Architecture & Governance Audit lets you stay in control of your SDLC process and your business-critical solutions portfolio as well as helps ensure business continuity.


Service description

The Objectivity Consulting Auditing Framework is based on our extensive knowledge of leading architecture, management, and software delivery best practices, as well as on the insights we’ve gathered while working on dozens of enterprise projects.

The framework focuses on delivering actionable recommendations by conducting Gap and Alignment Analyses, which assess the following two dimensions of your business: ‘Business and Technical Domains’ and the ‘AS-IS vs TO-BE States’.

Based on our engagement framework, we first conduct an in-depth analysis of your business challenges and goals in order to prepare a fine-tuned proposition of the audit. We then prepare a targeted plan of the on-site workshop to ensure that the conducted discussions will be accurate and practical.

Following our custom 4-Tier Architecture Auditing Framework, we discuss each topic to learn about your organisation’s AS-IS state and your desired TO-BE state. Throughout the entire engagement process, we maintain an ongoing feedback loop with key stakeholders to address any needs or concerns.

As an output of the engagement, you’ll receive a report containing the answers to your questions and a set of recommendations organised into a clear roadmap. These deliverables will enable you to get started with new initiatives quickly and seamlessly.

Case studies


Start your project with Objectivity

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