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Digital Product Bootcamp

Build solid foundations to accelerate your digital product design.

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Key benefits for your business

  • Validate project feasibility

    Discover whether your vision accurately addresses your needs. Gain a high-level overview of your potential product’s visual aspect, functionalities, and architecture. Learn how your current state of technology enables you to address user needs and business concerns.

  • Create an initial business case

    A low-cost validation of whether your vision makes sense. Understand the costs of ownership (TCO – dev + infra + support) behind your desired product, as well as estimated development cost. Define the scope of the Minimum Viable Product.

  • Prepare detailed tenders

    Collect all the input you’ll need to accurately fill out an RFP as well as all the high quality content, which will enable you to convincingly present your idea’s value proposition to potential vendors.

Delivering tangible business value 

Measurable outcomes:

Thanks to our Digital Product Bootcamp, you’ll receive a set of deliverables explaining the most important aspects of your desired product: 

  • Initial Functionality Scope which describes core features, 
  • High Level Architecture of your future solution,
  • Suggested Design Approach and/or Delivery Roadmap, 
  • Visualisation of how your new product will work for end users, 
  • Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Estimation of development effort and TCO. 

These deliverables are provided after every bootcamp; however, their range can be extended to meet your particular needs. Their aim is help you present your product idea in a more mature light, which can prove crucial when trying to demonstrate its value to others. The project details drafted during the bootcamp could also serve as a quick starting base for further development.  

Consulting services tailored to your needs

How can this service help your business?

  • You have a problem that needs solving and to solve it you need a high-level solution design as well as an efficient way to quickly kick-off delivery.

  • You have an idea and you need to understand how to design and deliver it. In order to accelerate your efforts, you seek advice in terms of business processes, architecture, and/or technology.

  • You have a concept in mind, and you want to create a business case for it in order to better understand cost distribution, as having this knowledge will help you decide whether to ask for funding.

Questions our clients often ask us: 

  • How to make my product usable and successful?  
  • How to prioritise activities to decrease time-to-market? 
  • What should my future product/solution look like and how much will it cost? 
  • How to build a future-proof and scalable solution? 
  • What do I need to provide my vendor with to help them understand my needs? 





Service description

Our experienced teams of analysts, architects, and UX experts have worked on dozens of digital products and projects for various industries. The consulting team knows where to look for the people who will excel in solving your business challenges and which approaches should be applied to fulfil all the success criteria.

The Digital Product Bootcamp is intended to be a first step in your Product Lifecycle. This service aims to help you quickly build a Big Picture based on your idea or vision, and to address any important concerns that your product sponsors may have.

Work begins with workshops, where we conduct a series of sessions allowing you to show us your idea or concept from different perspectives and in greater detail – be it a set of exercises from the User Experience or Design Thinking toolbox (Process Mapping, Customer Journey, Service Blueprint), or maybe from the Agile Architecture toolbox (Context Mapping, Event Storming). We tailor each workshop in a manner that to allows us to deeply understand your vision and accurately define the problem statement.

We know the importance of understanding your needs and customising activities to answer your key questions – our approach enables us to cover all crucial aspects:


1. Needs Elicitation & Tailoring

At the beginning, we look at the input you provide and uncover your needs by asking the right questions – then, we specify a set of Success Criteria. We see this step as a foundation to whatever happens later during the delivery – it’s the moment when, by listening to you, we define what kind of workshop sessions are required to deliver the results you expect.

2. Analysis & Research

We’ll engage an experienced multidisciplinary team of UX experts, Business Analysts, and Solutions Architects who will be able to look at the defined problem from various angles – leaving no concerns unaddressed. By learning more about your product specifics, we’ll be able to apply truly fit-for-purpose analysis approaches. You can expect tools such as the Product Canvas, Impact/Effort Mapping, Stakeholder Concerns Mapping – all of which will present a structured picture of the product and its characteristics.

3. High-Level Design (Synthesis)

Based on prioritised needs, we’ll support you in the definition of your product’s scope, ensuring it delivers the highest market and business value. To realise this objective, we use tools such as Minimal Viable Product or Walking Skeleton, etc. By looking at the desired qualities and features of your product, the team will deliver a set of artefacts (i.e. a high-level solution architecture). These materials will address all your concerns and enable you to scale your business in line with changing needs.

4. Report Delivery & Presentation

We share outcomes and findings with you in short feedback loops in order to ensure you’re receiving what you expected. As soon as the analysis and synthesis are finalised and accepted, we provide you with a comprehensive report and go through it with you so that you can reflect on its contents once more. This time can also be used to share additional thoughts about the future of your product.

As we understand the pace of modern organisations, we aim to deliver the conclusions and findings within 2 weeks.

The Digital Product Bootcamp builds solid foundations and delivers what you need to accelerate your efforts. The outcome of the bootcamp will enable you to take the next step in the direction of a more detailed product design or specification and to seamlessly transition to the delivery phase.

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