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Flutter app development

A versatile solution for cross-platform applications

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Flutter is an app development framework created and powered by Google. It’s one of the newest cross-platform technologies and has been rapidly gaining popularity in the recent years. Flutter allows you to build native-like cross-platform applications with a single codebase. It enables a smooth development process and an omnichannel user experience across web and mobile applications.

The benefits of Flutter development

Why build your apps with Flutter?

  • Speed

    With Flutter, you can build your apps faster and more efficiently, using one codebase for two (or more) platforms. Your apps will require less testing and with faster debug, dedicated rendering engine and hot reload, your development process will be optimised even further. 

  • Simplicity

    Flutter is an open-source software development kit (SDK) with excellent community support and documentation. Flutter developers appreciate its ease of use in modern applications. It also supports accessibility by providing a number of options for building more inclusive apps. 

  • User experience

    Flutter development enables native-like user experience. Apps built with Flutter utilise the same UI even on older devices. Moreover, Flutter offers a wide range of expressive interfaces, animations and beautiful designs to give your app unique and user-friendly look and feel.


We want the app we build for you to combine the most useful functionalities with an outstanding design. This is why we cooperate closely with you at every stage of our development process and continue to support you once your product has been released to the public. 

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Objectivity’s Flutter development process

How we’ll build you Flutter app

We take an individual approach to every project and put a lot of emphasis on the product vision, design and usability. This process is the result of many years of collaboration with various clients and helps us optimise the initial phase of our projects.

We conduct workshops with your business representatives and end users. This allows us to collect product requirements in the most efficient way and lay the foundation for the application we’re going to design.

We apply Design Thinking techniques and use our knowledge and experience in product design to make sure your app meets your and your customers’ needs.

Our expertise in design and development

Build apps your customers will love

Objectivity is a mature software house with vast experience in delivering end-to-end products. The mobile app we’ll build with Flutter can be part of a comprehensive system which supports your business holistically.

Flutter is a technology with few limitations; we can use it to build classic applications as well as unique and robust ones, tailored to your exact needs. Our Flutter developers have a native background and utilise their knowledge to create applications with native-like features.

At Objectivity, we’re experts in design — in our Flutter development services, we put an emphasis on your app’s visual aspect as well as its usability. We understand the growing expectations towards the design and accessibility of modern mobile apps. Therefore, we’ll build an application that addresses your customers’ needs and encourages them to explore and enjoy your services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flutter used for?

Flutter is Google’s cross-platform development framework that is used to create mobile (both Android & iOS), desktop (Windows, Linux, macOS) and web applications. With Flutter, you can use the same codebase across different platforms, which results in coherent user experience and reduced development cost.

Can I use Flutter for website?

Flutter is an excellent choice to build websites that require a dynamic, interactive UI. Flutter's web support delivers the same experiences and functionalities on the web as on mobile. This gives Flutter an advantage over other approaches — things that used to be impossible on the web become achievable with Flutter.

What makes Flutter unique?

With Flutter development, you don’t depend on a particular web-based technology or a fixed set of widgets. Instead, Flutter leverages its own native-compiled language (Dart) and rendering engine to draw the user interface in a very efficient way. Moreover, Flutter applications can run on different platforms using the same code, which accelerates the development process. When needed, you can also easily switch to the native code.

What companies should decide on Flutter app development?

Flutter development presents many benefits to companies that are looking for efficient ways to verify their ideas and release apps quickly. It’s also a good choice for businesses that want to utilise a single codebase and provide their users with unified experience, regardless of the platform they’re using. Companies with omnichannel business model, start-ups and other future-oriented businesses will quickly see the advantages of Flutter.

Is Flutter better than native?

While both options come with a number of advantages, Flutter typically offers more speed than native development. It also shows excellent results with performance and compatibility and, at the same time, lowers the engineering cost. Flutter is a modern framework that follows the latest trends and best practices. Currently, about 40% of apps available in Google Play store are written in Flutter.

If I decide to build an app with Flutter, will I be forced to use a particular design?

By default, Flutter offers a wide range of widgets that are consistent with Material Design, but it also leaves you complete freedom when creating the user interface. You can decide on a different look and feel depending on the platform (e.g., use the Cupertino widgets for iOS) or create a unique user interface from scratch. Flutter’s rendering engine is very efficient and allows you to implement stunning effects and beautiful animations. You’re only limited by your imagination.

What are the limitations to Flutter as a cross-platform solution?

Flutter is a modern framework with an outstanding architecture, extensive functionality and numerous components. It fits very well in the dynamic mobile world, whose operating systems are being continuously upgraded. However, it happens that the latest functionalities are implemented in Flutter with some delay — this is typical for all hybrid and cross-platform frameworks. Still, Flutter offers an easy way to add native code to the solution and the missing functionalities can be implemented this way.

I want to build a native app for one platform, should I still consider using Flutter?

Even though you’re currently not planning to build an app for multiple platforms, it’s good to keep this option open. Flutter comes with little overhead when you’re interested in a single platform. Experienced Flutter developers find many aspects of this framework to be better than the native ones. This includes the architecture, performance, advanced debug possibilities, hot reload and unlimited options for the UI design. This is why we believe it’s worth considering Flutter even for creating a single-platform app.

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