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Bring financial accountability to your cloud infrastructure

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Cloud cost management services


Cloud Financial Operations, or FinOps, is a set of processes and practices aimed at enabling organisations to understand and take control of their cloud billing. FinOps combines finance, business and technology in order to allow cross-functional teams to balance delivery speed, cost, and quality, ultimately creating business advantage for the entire organisation.

FinOps is inherently a cultural practice, where everyone takes the responsibility for their cloud usage and becomes empowered to make informed business decisions. With the right cloud cost management in place, you’ll gain the most value for the money you spend in the cloud.

The benefits of cloud financial management

Why introduce FinOps in your organisation

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    Transparency and predictability

    In a mature FinOps practice, the forecast spend to actual spend accuracy variance is only 12%. This means you’ll have clear visibility of your cloud cost allocation, which will lead to better control over what you’re spending your money on. Moreover, the transparency of your cloud spend will help you anticipate your future needs and plan your actions accordingly, which will simplify the management of your cloud budget.

  • AI Time And Money Savings

    Cost optimisation

    The cloud billing formula is simple: Spend = Usage x Cost. FinOps will enable you to decentralise your cloud usage optimisation (avoiding costs) and centralise your cloud payments (reducing rates). With that, you’ll be able to harmonise the cloud spend with your business goals. A FinOps practice at a high maturity level can help you allocate over 90% of your spend and achieve a cost reduction of up to 60%.

  • Public Sector Efficiency

    Strategic unit economics

    Unit economics is the direct revenue and cost associated with a particular business model that is specifically expressed on a per-unit basis. Looking at the cloud from this perspective will allow you to reveal the true business value of your cloud spend. Using this and other metrics will help you focus on your long-term growth instead of short-term influences.

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FinOps implementation phases

Objectivity’s FinOps services

During this phase, we’ll identify the key pain points and impacted groups. We’ll also define the future state including KPIs, early-adopter teams, and find the right place for a FinOps team within the organisational practice.

How we can help you:


  • Define cloud work strategy from a financial perspective.
  • Build FinOps awareness within your teams/enable cultural change.
  • Deliver an introduction to FinOps for the IT and Finance departments.
  • Create a change plan for your application and infrastructure landscape.

Our FinOps expertise

End-to-end cloud cost management and governance

Objectivity is a mature technology partner offering end-to-end services tailored to the needs of our customers. The breadth of our IT consulting expertise allows us to accurately assess your situation and propose a solution that addresses your exact needs.

We’re technology experts specialising in cloud services and delivering bespoke solutions to a range of clients from various industries. Therefore, not only can we provide you with FinOps recommendations and plans, but also address their technical execution. As an experienced cloud partner, we provide services to clients with cloud consumption of over $1 million per year. For your company, we’ll design and develop a tailor-made solution that will help you manage your cloud cost in the most efficient way.



The iterative journey of our service is based on FinOps Foundation’s framework.

Our success stories

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Group Finance Director

Michał Piskozub

At Objectivity, we understand the importance of efficient cloud cost management and employ the latest technologies to help our clients optimise their operations. We draw from our vast experience in delivering end-to-end cloud services to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Mpiskozub CFO Objectivity

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