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Digital Twin Solutions

Empower decision-making with unprecedented insights.

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Leverage the power of virtual representation

Data-driven digital twin software

In an era of advanced technology and interconnected systems, digital twin solutions offer a transformative approach to designing, optimising, and managing complex assets, processes, and environments. A digital twin is a virtual replica of any of the above, with the fidelity and frequency of synchronisation depending on the specific use case. It provides a digital representation of the selected entity with the required level of detail. 

At their core, digital twin solutions present you with new insights, predictions, and control over your assets, aimed to help you maximise efficiency and drive business value. The digital twin technology can be used across various industries, e.g., supporting manufacturing processes and predictive maintenance, improving personalisation and patient monitoring in healthcare, or facilitating urban planning. It can help you exploit the full potential of your assets and boost innovation across your organisation. 

The benefits of digital twins

Drive business value with advanced analytics and control

  • Public Sector Efficiency

    Operational efficiency

    Efficiently manage your operations, minimise disruptions, and maximise uptime by leveraging digital twins for predictive maintenance. Test various scenarios and use the results to optimise processes, enhance performance, and reduce costs. 

  • Devops Increased Quality And Stability

    Monitoring & risk management

    Take advantage of remote monitoring capabilities to enable proactive anomaly detection and timely interventions. Ensure safety and business continuity with enhanced risk management supported by extensive testing and simulations. 

  • Public Sector Improved Citizen Outcomes

    Decision support & innovation

    Derive actionable insights from your historical and real-time data to make informed decisions, optimise operations, and achieve better outcomes. Boost innovation with virtual prototyping and testing to rapidly analyse your options and ensure the highest quality. 

Our approach 

Connect people and processes with digital twin technology

Digital twins offer you a gamut of opportunities for generating business value from your assets and data. Whether you require a detailed, real-time representation of complex processes or would like to explore your visualisation and simulation options at various stages, our end-to-end services will help you understand the digital twin technology and reap the benefits it brings. 

Depending on your goals, we’ll supplement your digital twin solution with other cutting-edge technologies. With the help of artificial intelligence, 3D visualisation, or Edge computing, you’ll be able to automate processes, produce accurate predictions, and leverage real-time data processing for improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 


  • Public Sector Improved Citizen Outcomes


    Expert Guidance and Solution Architecture

    Unlock the full potential of digital twin technology with expert technical guidance. Thanks to a comprehensive digital twin maturity assessment and audit, you’ll understand your current digital twin capabilities and decide on the best course of action. With our domain modelling services, we’ll ensure that your virtual representation closely aligns with the real-world system. Our modernisation and digital transformation expertise guarantees a seamless transition to digital twin solutions, enhancing your operational efficiency. 

  • Dev


    Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

    We offer end-to-end digital twin implementation services, tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our team excels at seamless system integrations, facilitating smooth data flow between various components of your digital ecosystem. Trust us to handle edge software development and support, enabling real-time data processing and analysis at the edge of your network. With our monitoring solutions, you can keep a close eye on your solution’s performance, ensuring its continuous optimisation. 

  • Objectivity Icons BI & Data Engineering

    Data Science

    The True Value of Your Data

    Leverage the power of data with our advanced analytics and data insights services. Unearth patterns and trends through our data analytics expertise, empowering you to make data-driven decisions. Stay ahead of potential issues with predictive maintenance and anomaly detection, avoiding costly downtimes and ensuring uninterrupted operations. Additionally, our optimisation and reporting services enable you to visualise and interpret key performance indicators, driving better-informed strategic choices. 

What distinguishes Objectivity 

End-to-end technology expertise

With a concept as broad as a digital twin, building an efficient solution requires deep industry knowledge and technological versatility. A digital twin should address your specific needs, and, as a technology partner with a broad spectrum of capabilities, we’ll ensure that you receive a solution that matches your company’s technological maturity and will ultimately let you achieve your goals. 

For over three decades, we’ve been working with clients from various industries (including healthcare, retail, finance, and professional services), helping them boost revenue and innovation through technology. The expertise we’ve gained in IoT, cloud services, data science, and open-source technologies, together with our sector-specific know-how, enable us to create real-time, virtual representations of physical assets and processes, empowering you to monitor, analyse, and continuously improve your operations.

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Kamil Buczek

With our broad technical expertise, we can help you take advantage of digital twin technology in a way that matches the needs of your organisation. Get in touch, and let’s discuss how you can generate more business value with a digital twin solution.

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