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DevOps Services

Bringing together development and operations.

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Benefits of adopting a DevOps lifecycle

  • Quicker time to market

    Optimise your delivery pipeline by automating your build and release processes as well as security, policy, and company checks. Verify the efficiency of your architecture and database change management processes.

  • Better quality and stability

    Having automated and regularly verified quality checks in place during development will allow you to quickly identify issues, giving your teams greater control and confidence in the quality of software they deliver.

  • Increased collaboration

    In line with the DevOps model, cooperation should be based on a product-first approach, transparency, and efficient communication. This is possible when the product team is responsible for the entire solution lifecycle, while cooperating with InfoSec, the platform team and other product teams.

What is DevOps?

The blending of development and operations

Our DevOps services brings together software development (Dev) and information-technology operations (Ops). DevOps promotes collaboration between developers and operations, who work closely together to develop, maintain and support an application or suite of applications. An ideal DevOps team is self-supporting and self-managing so they can take full responsibility for managing the application.

DevOps services

How can we help?

Efficient delivery audit

If you’re looking to optimise the way your teams deliver projects, our DevOps experts can audit their way of working. When auditing, we strive to make our recommendations as realistic as possible, meaning that we don’t suggest you make changes that we ourselves wouldn’t be able to implement. We also try to decrease the time it will take for you to transition to the new way of working by leveraging your internal team offering and existing toolset.

Delivery pipeline automation

Our experienced DevOps engineers can work with your team to automate delivery pipelines and to accelerate your projects’ time-to-market. As part of a fixed-price contract, we offer both actionable recommendations and implementation. Our teams can also service your pipeline in the managed services model.

DevOps team augmentation

If you’re in need of end-to-end DevOps services, we’re able to provide a dedicated team tailored to your technology stack. Our teams can handle your projects from start to finish, taking responsibility for such areas as design, feature development, bug-fixing, releases, and monitoring.

DevOps consulting

Our consultants can assess your current situation and desired end-state to recommend the most appropriate way to introduce and grow your DevOps capability, either within your organisation or with a partner.

Why us?

What distinguishes Objectivity?


Engineers with AWS and Azure certificates



Engineers with Infrastructure as Code experience

Devops Support Architects


Projects with automated CI/CD

Devops Increased Quality And Stability

We have the know-how

We’ve learnt a great deal from our customer partnerships since we began providing DevOps services in 2006. One of our company values is “Excellence”, meaning that our experts are proactive about introducing improvements and optimisations. When realising projects, we combine the best of Agile, DevOps, and lean management practices. A testament to this is our custom developed “Efficient Delivery” framework, which we use to audit the efficiency of our own teams. This helps to ensure that the recommendations you receive are verified and validated.


What clients say about us

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In replatforming our core applications, we wanted a partner who offered technical excellence along with sharing our core values where Integrity is key. With proven agile methods, Objectivity have delivered in all counts.

Peter R. Smith

Head of Applications at Edrington

Each member of the objectivity team is technically excellent and I am impressed by their definition of "Excellence". This together with their attitude towards integrity makes them a near-shore partner that I can trust.

Alex Kucharski

Head of Software Development and Delivery at Ascentric

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Łukasz Uruski

We create custom-tailored software solutions to enable you to meet your business growth objectives. Start your project with Objectivity today to be ready for the digital world of tomorrow.


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