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Software Development Services

Perfectly tailored bespoke software that meets your precise needs.

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Bespoke software development

  • Efficient software

    We build bespoke software that’s designed to solve your specific business challenges. As a result, your business processes, however unique or complex, will be supported by efficient and easy-to-use software – thereby helping you to increase your business success and customer satisfaction.

  • Agile adaptability

    Working in line with the agile software development methodology, we conduct regular progress reviews and re-prioritise requirements as needed – allowing us to easily adapt to your changing business needs. These reviews enable us to work closely with you to evaluate progress and deliverables.

  • Customer collaboration

    Our clients are encouraged to attend all meetings, calls and demonstrations. The client Product Owner is a key member of the joint project team, empowered to make decisions on behalf of the business and to clear any blockages.

Agile methodology

Dealing with the pace of change

The pace of change is ever-increasing and organisations seeking to remain relevant and competitive in their markets depend on technology to get ahead. Agile development delivers working software in small, controlled releases; whereas the more traditional waterfall approach delivered working software only when everything was finished.

As such, agile software development enables bespoke software solutions to be built incrementally and for changes in the original requirements to be accommodated with minimal disruption.

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End-to-end software development

At Objectivity, we build bespoke software solutions, working according to the agile delivery methodology to deliver software in an incremental manner.

We work in joint teams with you to ensure complete alignment and "no surprises". The team composition may change during the project lifecycle to reflect the work being undertaken, but each team will be able to carry out all project activities from start to finish – from discovery, design (including UX/UI), build, test, deployment through to operational activities. Staff continuity enables our teams to quickly build trust and close working relationships with the client, ensuring the delivered software solution meets the business requirements.

If you have very specific needs, we have experts in many programming languages and can build a solution, which you can tailor to support your business processes, exactly as you require. We can also use the latest cloud-based low-code and no-code platforms to build a bespoke solution very quickly. Using drag and drop components, it is possible to build applications in hours and days, instead of weeks and months.

The agile advantage

By adopting the principles of agile software development, we strive to minimise wasted effort and cost, deliver working software more quickly and to continually review progress. By engaging with our clients throughout the project, we develop a deep understanding of the business, its culture and its requirements. The longer our engagement, the more efficient and effective we become.

Our underlying win-win philosophy drives the way we do business. As such, we are compelled to tell the truth and to resolve issues as soon as we become aware of them, believing that early warning signs can be assessed and addressed before they become time-consuming and expensive to fix.

Bespoke application development services

The benefits of software outsourcing

We are a specialist software development company and our experienced and committed senior technical experts have broad in-depth knowledge of a wide range of technologies.

Our professionals always get to know and understand your requirements in order to be able to recommend the most suitable technology for the realisation of your project.

We have the in-house talent and capabilities to build your bespoke business applications using market tested as well as innovative emerging technologies. Depending on your needs, we can create your products using core technologies such as Java or .NET or a low-code platform such as Mendix, Outsystems, or Microsoft PowerApps.

Front-end development most often uses JavaScript/Typescript, Angular or React. Most of our solutions are now cloud-based and we can advise you on which is the best fit – AWS or MS Azure. We also have significant experience in Office 365 customisations, in particular SharePoint.

Whilst our project teams are responsible for managing project progress and reporting status on at least a weekly basis, we have a project assurance function to ensure that the software solutions we deliver are on track and accurately reported. Our clients receive the same reports as our management and any concerns are highlighted, discussed, and addressed at a weekly meeting.

Why us?

What distinguishes Objectivity?


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What clients say about us

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In two years cooperation with the team, they haven’t just delivered fast solutions for multiple products they have helped to tackle business challenges. With innovative server side A/B testing framework, which has been developed from scratch, we were able to run multiply A/B test for multiple customers groups at the same time. This saved us a lot of costs through efficient traffic usage and generated at the end additional 8% of revenue in mature, well established product, where this kind of revenue growth rates were not expected. Additional to that the system has been written in a way where every other segment of the company was able to reuse it with minimum development effort!

Marian Majewski

Product Owner at ImmobilienScout24

Demonstrating excellent technical and agile skills, and as part of our technology refresh and risk reduction programme, Objectivity have gained my complete trust and respect with their collaborative style and integrity.

Euan Fraser

Director of Business Technology at Edrington

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Paweł Zapałowski

We create custom-tailored software solutions to enable you to meet your business growth objectives. Start your project with Objectivity today to be ready for the digital world of tomorrow.


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