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UX & UI Design Services

Leverage design to meet user needs and reach your business goals.

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UX & UI Services


Digital products should be effective, efficient, and a delight to use. Nobody likes having to learn a set of complicated rules first. This is because we all crave experiences. Hence, in order to create a successful digital product, it’s necessary to incorporate user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) best practices.

UX designers adopt a user-focused approach and put consideration into the overall user experience. They deal with interaction design and all the aspects that affect user satisfaction, i.e. usability, convenience, and accessibility. UI specialists focus on applications’ visual aspects, creating these elements in line with UX designers’ recommendations.

The most efficient design solutions holistically cater to users’ needs but also comply with your business goals and overall strategy. Therefore, combining all these perspectives is the key to building an outstanding, tailor-made product.

The benefits of UX & UI design

Why decide on a comprehensive design approach?

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    Improved user experience

    Our user-centric solutions leverage the possibilities of fit-for-purpose technologies to help you meet your business goals and address your users’ most pressing needs.

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    Customer lifetime value

    Enhanced app appearance and streamlined functionalities are sure to keep users coming back for more, helping to measurably increase their customer lifetime value.

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    Enhanced user interface

    Simple, intuitive, and visually consistent user interfaces reduce the number of accidental usage errors made by users, helping to increase their level of satisfaction and convenience.

Objectivity’s design methodology

We take a phased approach to our UX and UI design services, which lets us understand your business requirements and, at the same time, focus on your users’ needs. In their daily work, our design specialists apply the best practices and principles of the Double Diamond and Design Thinking methodologies.

How we’ll build your UX & UI solution


We’ll begin our work with thorough research that will give us a complete picture of your current setup and the issues your users are facing. The task we set for ourselves is to focus on people and their needs, and collect the perspectives of everyone involved. We’ll organise workshops that will let us investigate the challenge and understand how it affects both your business and your end users.


At this stage of our UX & UI service, we’ll analyse the information we’ve collected to prepare meaningful insights and lay grounds for the work we’ll perform in the next phases. The synthesised findings will help us decide on the most important aspects to focus on.


In this phase, we move on to exploring the solutions to the challenge we’ve defined. There may be multiple possible solutions to a problem, therefore, we take our time to generate ideas with regard to our findings from the earlier stages. Having a range of options at hand, we’ll carefully choose the one that addresses your priorities, balancing its cost, efficiency, and delivery speed.


Once we’ve selected the idea for your UX & UI solution, we’ll build a prototype that will allow you and your users to test how this option fits within their expectations. We’ll then be able to confirm if we chose the best concept and make further adjustments if necessary.

Design & technology expertise

Take advantage of a complete design process

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At Objectivity, we leverage our years of experience in delivering bespoke solutions to clients from many industries and our expertise in design so that you can receive a truly fit-for-purpose product.

We understand your business requirements and possess knowledge and tools that allow us to verify if they correlate with the expectations and needs of your end users. Our goal is to connect the business and user perspectives by designing a product with an excellent user experience that is still in line with your organisation’s strategy.

As a mature software house, we approach design with the next steps of the delivery process in mind. Our UX team cooperates with developers even at early stages to ensure that it will be possible to turn the idea we define into an efficient product. To us, design is part of an end-to-end process, not a standalone activity. We put a strong emphasis on communication and cooperation with other teams, so you can receive a solution that is beautiful, intuitive, and functional.

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Radosław Taraszka

Objectivity can help you gain a more insightful understanding of your users’ needs. Explore our design services to leverage your products and services, while providing the best possible user experience.

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