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UX & Accessibility Audits

Assess and optimise the state of your digital landscape quickly and cost-efficiently.

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UX & Accessibility Audits

  • Competitive Edge

    Conducting an audit enables you to prevent user churn and helps you remain ahead of your competitors.

  • In-Depth Evaluation

    Evaluating your existing solutions enables you to to identify issues and opportunities.

  • Optimised Solutions

    Audited solutions present clear opportunities for improvement, leading to greater business success.

Optimal service experiences

Placing users at the forefront

We deliver value to customers by helping them innovate across all touchpoints. Our analytical and conceptual process is based on an understanding of user behaviours, business processes, and technical possibilities.

Digital service design addresses problems at the organisational level, beyond a single product. Our teams focus on the end-to-end service, investigate various touchpoints, and design the service in a manner that most closely meets your expectations.

How we approach accessibility


The Accessibility Audit is conducted with the use of tools designed to test the accessibility of web applications. When conducting such an audit, our UX team takes advantage of:

  • Cognitive walkthrough
  • UX heuristics
  • Semi-automated audit with a Wave Accessibility Tool
  • Application walkthrough using keyboard navigation
  • Application walkthrough using a screen reader e.g. NVDA, ChromeVox, VoiceOver

Our goal is to design equally and easily accessible services and products that bring value to the individuals who use them.

The benefits of a user experience audit

Providing a high-quality user experience

During an Objectivity UX Audit, a team of UX experts examines your business, products, and services to identify opportunities, limitations, possible improvements, and issues, using a set of scientific-based methods.

At Objectivity, we developed a step-by-step user experience audit process, which enables us to cover every aspect necessary to provide you with the most thorough optimisation recommendations.

  • Discussion

    Firstly, we speak with you to learn about your needs and expectations. This enables us to create the most tailored offer possible.

  • Scope & Plan

    Once we’ve discussed and analysed your needs, we prepare a fully customised UX Audit offer.

  • Data

    If available, we also analyse any data you’re able to provide regarding your solutions in order to spot key patterns.

  • Analysis

    We assemble a team of UX Specialists and Data Scientists which analyses your products or services using scientific methods.

  • Report

    As an output of the UX Audit, you receive a detailed report with specific improvement recommendations, solutions, hints, and tips.

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Design Guild Master

Radosław Taraszka

Objectivity can help you gain a more insightful understanding of your users’ needs. Explore our design services to leverage your products and services, while providing the best possible user experience.

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