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Service Design

Render your services more useful, usable, and desirable.

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The benefits of service design

  • Identifying and solving real problems

    Our service designers work with you to define your key challenges, enabling you to meet your most pressing needs and expectations. Take advantage of creative solutions for both the private and the public sector.

  • Easy transition and cooperation

    The design process at Objectivity is co-creative and involves all relevant stakeholders – making the transition to a new solution much easier, while improving customer experience.

  • Providing value to customers

    Our teams take the time to understand your users in order to create truly user-centred solutions. Service design looks at the big picture and lays foundations for a solution that solves the right problems.

Optimal service experiences

Placing users at the forefront

We deliver value to customers by helping them innovate across all touchpoints. Our analytical and conceptual process is based on an understanding of user behaviours, business processes, and technical possibilities.

Digital service design addresses problems at the organisational level, beyond a single product. Our teams focus on the end-to-end service, investigate various touchpoints, and design the service in a manner that most closely meets your expectations.

The service design process 

The 3-step approach 

During the service design process, our Design and Consulting experts will closely cooperate with you and all relevant stakeholders. This helps us to deliver a wide range of fit-for-purpose and user-centric solutions. 

Our process includes various design thinking tools, such as: 

  • Design Workshops 
  • Service Blueprint & Mapping 
  • User Research & Interviews 
  • Business Model & Value Proposition Canvas 
  • Personas & Storyboards 
  • Wireframes & Interactive Prototypes
  • Design Systems & UI/Brand Elements Design 

When designing your service, our teams follow a 3-step approach. First, we start with the Discovery & Research step to analyse and explore your business and customers’ needs so that we can determine facts, uncover problems, and define next steps. Then, we deal with the Design step to explore ideas, opportunities, and concepts in order to generate solutions. Finally, we move to the Evaluation step to validate and assess the proposed solutions and to uncover usability and accessibility issues.  

Our success stories

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Design Guild Master

Radosław Taraszka

Objectivity can help you gain a more insightful understanding of your users’ needs. Explore our design services to leverage your products and services, while providing the best possible user experience.

Radek Taraszka

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