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Service Design

Design and deliver more useful, usable, and desirable services.

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Service design overview

Placing users at the forefront

Service design is an approach to planning and implementing services which are focused on delivering value to the end user and business. This framework helps map all the essential elements of a customer journey and uncover problems and opportunities even beyond IT-related considerations. It helps you leverage technology to find the right solution and create value by optimising processes and artefacts. 

Enhanced service experiences

The benefits of service design

  • Employees

    Better cooperation

    Service design aims to create the most value by bringing together the right people and fostering collaboration. We ensure all viewpoints are taken into account, all parties aligned, and any grey areas uncovered and addressed.

  • Operations

    Broader perspective & project scope

    When you look at the bigger picture of your project, you notice all the elements that contribute to its success. It will help you get more accurate estimates, a better understanding of costs, and improved efficiency.  

  • Finance Business Efficiency

    Additional value

    By expanding your perspective, you’ll be able to discover new opportunities and solve problems more efficiently. Moreover, you’ll be able to replicate the approach in other parts of your organisation as well. 

  • Finance Improved Customer Experience

    Improved customer satisfaction

    In the service design approach, every step of the project is centred on the customer. With a service organised around the user and their needs, your customer satisfaction levels will improve substantially.

  • Hands

    Increased stakeholder buy-in

    All stakeholders are actively engaged in the project, so they understand the goal and the value it will bring to them. They are thus more inclined to support your efforts, which accelerates project delivery.

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Our approach

How we help you design the best service

We use our service design expertise to ensure you gather and map all of the resources you need to successfully run your project. Our experts will prepare the discovery phase and do thorough research before it begins.




Why Objectivity?

End-to-end service design

At Objectivity, we approach service design holistically thanks to our comprehensive software development and IT service expertise. Our service design specialists draw from their extensive project experience to help you understand your problem beyond its technical aspects.

Our multidisciplinary teams look at your challenges from different angles but cooperate closely and within the same context. As such, you won’t have to translate your business perspective to technical experts — our service designers ensure everyone has a clear understanding of each other’s goals.

Throughout the engagement, we also work closely with you and your stakeholders — we keep everyone informed and involved to make sure your users can take advantage of the combination of unique points of view and technical excellence.


Our success stories

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Service Design Team Leader

Krzysztof Ożóg

At Objectivity, we believe in taking a holistic approach to business challenges — a problem never lies solely within IT and needs to be understood and addressed at many different levels. Get in touch with us, and our service design experts will help you connect all stakeholders and apply an end-to-end process to deliver value through IT excellence.


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