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Product Design

Increase your business success with custom, growth-ready digital applications.

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The benefits of product design

  • Superior user experience

    Reduce the chances of user errors occurring with an easily comprehensible, intuitive, and eye-catching digital product with a low cognitive load.

  • Customisable features

    Interactive and fit-for-purpose digital products provide tailor-made user experience, personalisation, and exceptional convenience.

  • Productivity gains

    Creating aesthetic, engaging, and easy-to-use digital products will help you increase efficiency and gain a competitive market advantage.


Involvement at every stage of the product lifecycle

Product design solves problems confined to a single product or touchpoints between the product and the user. Digital designers are involved at every stage of a digital product’s development process. They ensure all application aspects are polished and perfected and that the developed solution reflects project requirements and your strategic business goals.

Objectivity covers every aspect of product design – starting with diagnosing the problem, conducting user and market research, engaging in-house experts from other areas (i.e. IT Consultants, Business Analysts, Technical Architects, Project Managers, Developers), through to delivering market-ready digital products for mobile, web, and tablet.

Product design services

End-to-end process – from discovery to validation

At Objectivity, we keep up with market trends and employ tried-and-tested data analytics tools in order to better understand customer demands and future growth opportunities.

We create products in line with our company’s Win-Win Philosophy, which is why we work with both business stakeholders as well as study end user behaviour and identify pain points and user needs. Doing so helps us to create digital products that meet the objectives of both organisations and users, which increases both business success and customer satisfaction.

While working on your custom application, our design teams leverage a variety of digital tools and methodologies, such as:

  • Research, interviews, and surveys
  • UX audits, user tests, etc.
  • Product Canvas
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Design & discovery workshops
  • Mock-ups & interactive prototypes
  • UI design, style guide, design systems

Our company’s product design consulting and development process consists of three stages.

  • Discovery

    This stage aims to understand business and customer needs. It serves to uncover as many insights and key requirements as possible to help create a vision of what the final product could encompass.

  • Design

    During this stage, we create low-fidelity and high-fidelity mock-ups, style guides, and interactive prototypes. Keeping up with market demands, we follow trends, browse inspirations, and conduct competitor analysis.

  • Data Evaluation

    This stage serves to collect user feedback. Doing so helps the design and development teams to validate the effectiveness and impact of the digital product they’ve created. They are then able to iterate and improve, as needed.


The product design process described above enables our experts to create fully custom-tailored applications that are usable, growth-ready, and solve real user issues.

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Objectivity can help you gain a more insightful understanding of your users’ needs. Explore our design services to leverage your products and services, while providing the best possible user experience.

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