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Your customers deserve the best experiences.

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How we work


In today’s digital landscape, you need more than just the best technology to achieve your business goals. You also need to consider your customers and what you can do to ensure their interactions with your products and services are seamless and enjoyable.

At Objectivity, we have a dedicated process in place which takes into consideration the structure of your organisation, products, and services.

It consists of 3 phases:

  • Discovery & Research
  • Design
  • Evaluation
  1. Exploring business needs & opportunities

    This step of the 3-phase process begins with an in-depth analysis of the market landscape, business goals, and users’ needs, which enables us to prepare a finetuned, fit-for-purpose proposal. Based on the conducted research, we prepare a targeted action plan containing methods, tools, and a set of recommendations with actionable insights which will help you realise your design objectives.

    During the ‘Research & Discovery’ phase, we employ the following tactics and tools:
  2. Creating customer-centric concepts

    When designing your digital products and services, we work in small iterations, proceeding step-by-step, in order to identify the best possible concept. We begin by generating the ideas that will most closely align with market trends, user expectations, and your business needs. Following this, we initially validate assumptions and the feasibility of the generated ideas.

  3. Improving user satisfaction & business metrics

    In our efforts, we aim to closely evaluate how your existing solutions could be enhanced and optimised – focusing on making smart recommendations, not radical upheavals. Your products and services will be analysed based on the findings from quantitative and qualitative research, allowing us to find the most fit-for-purpose solutions to your challenges.

Our success stories

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Clients about us

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In two years cooperation with the team, they haven’t just delivered fast solutions for multiple products they have helped to tackle business challenges. With innovative server side A/B testing framework, which has been developed from scratch, we were able to run multiply A/B test for multiple customers groups at the same time. This saved us a lot of costs through efficient traffic usage and generated at the end additional 8% of revenue in mature, well established product, where this kind of revenue growth rates were not expected. Additional to that the system has been written in a way where every other segment of the company was able to reuse it with minimum development effort!

Marian Majewski

Product Owner at ImmobilienScout24


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