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Data Platform Modernisation

Smart solutions for insightful decision-making.

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Unlock the potential of your data by modernising your data platform

Objectivity’s data platform modernisation service is aimed at helping organisations exploit the full potential of their data. Businesses collect increasing amounts of data from various sources, and their existing solutions may not be flexible or scalable enough to process it and drive meaningful insights.

To be successful in a rapidly changing business environment, companies require the ability to make informed decisions based on high-quality and timely-delivered data. We’ll help your organisation become truly data-driven by providing you with a fit-for-purpose cloud-based data platform.

The benefits of data modernisation

Why invest in a cloud data platform?

  • AI Enhanced Customer Experience

    Seamless data integration

    A modern data platform allows you to easily add new data sources regardless of their nature — from relational databases, files, APIs to unstructured media like pictures or videos. You’ll be able to respond quickly when the data source changes, or new requirements appear.

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    Flexible data platform

    You can manage your data more efficiently with strong security and data lineage. When your data is catalogued and not siloed, your end users can quickly gather the information they need. Cloud-based architecture allows you to select the right tools to address your exact needs. This translates into a new, cost-effective way of managing your resources.

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    Advanced analytics

    With easy access to all the data in your organisation, you won’t need additional investments to use Machine Learning for the intelligent automation of business processes. Moreover, you’ll be able to utilise advanced analytics to generate sales predictions, forecast customer churn, and leverage predictive maintenance to put your business ahead of the competition.

Objectivity’s data platform modernisation process

The implementation of a cloud data platform

At Objectivity, we understand the business drivers for modernising your data platform and the challenges it may present. Therefore, we’ll support you at every stage of the process.

  • Finance Business Efficiency

    Value for money

    With us, you’ll choose the right services and technologies to address the expected growth of data volumes and specific user requirements. Your expenses will be carefully balanced against the benefits you’ll gain.

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    Comprehensive solution

    We’ll take care of your data integrity, consolidation and modelling as well as security and GDPR compliance. You’ll receive a technology Proof of Value which allows for verification of the architecture concepts and selected services in as little as a few weeks.

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    You’ll have a clear delivery schedule and we’ll keep you up-to-date with the progress we make at each step. We work in agile iterations with a strong focus on delivering business value in each loop.

Roadmap to Modern Data Platform deployment

Build a data landscape that supports your growth

Our expertise in data modernisation

We possess vast experience in building modern data platforms. To provide our clients with data solutions that support their business end-to-end, we cooperate closely with renowned cloud vendors. We're a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Google Cloud Partner.

Microsoft Partner Google Cloud Partner

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Data & AI Guild Master

Julia Orłowska

We create bespoke software solutions to help you meet your business growth objectives. With us, your organisation will become truly data-driven. Start your project with Objectivity today to be ready for the digital world of tomorrow.


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