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Data Intelligence Services

Inform your key business decisions with meaningful data insights.

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Key benefits for your business

  • Drive your business with data

    Optimise your operations with the use of data visualisation.

    Educate your employees on how to most effectively leverage data insights.

    Forecast trends to prepare your business for the future.

  • Automate processes

    Automate decision gates and reduce the cost of your processes.

    Enable your employees to augment their workplace with AI.

  • Improve

    Make your data solutions scalable, secure, and easy to adopt.

    Adopt Agile and DevOps and automate CI/CD tests and data governance.

Data Intelligence


Comprehensive data solutions are built by combining the outputs from 3 key data disciplines that encompass the entire journey:

  • Data Engineering
  • Business Insights
  • Data Science

Stay aligned with your business as it changes, evolve, and take advantage of truly fit-for-purpose solutions by adopting an end-to-end data intelligence approach, which covers:

  • Strategy & Management
  • Build & Delivery
  • Support & Operations

Objectivity provides guidance along the entire process. Our team can organise your data sources as well as review, redesign, and transform your data architecture to ensure it’s optimised and scalable.

The set of dashboards we build will quickly and accurately provide you with valuable business insights based on your data. Our team will employ AI-related technologies such as machine learning and forecast or recommendation engines to create and analyse patterns that will enable you to make data-driven decisions.

Additionally, these practices and insights can be augmented with a chatbot interface and natural language processing (NLP) to better serve your customers or your employees.

We also provide Cloud Adoption and DevOps services which have the power to enable, accelerate, scale, and productionise data solutions.

End-to-end services

The Data Intelligence Journey

Objectivity can meet you at any stage of your data intelligence journey – whether that be at the very beginning, in the middle, or before it even begins. We offer a range of bespoke services, which aim to help you leverage your existing data to its full value capacity.

Data Engineering

Successfully collecting, transforming, and exposing data is a great starting point, as it enables data insights to be processed and prepared to better serve your business.

Objectivity offers the following data engineering services:

  • Strategy & Management

    • Data architecture and master data management
    • Databases and warehouse audits, design, optimisation, and administration

  • Build & Delivery

    • Data integration
    • Data warehousing, Big Data, IoT
    • Data migration, incl. migration to the cloud

  • Support & Operations

    • Data security and governance planning and monitoring
    • DevOps for data platforms

Business Insights

It’s necessary to collect data in order to reap its benefits. However, data only starts being valuable through extracting highly valuable information and insights as well as creating actionable metrics and recommendations. Objectivity provides a range of services that can help you enrich and present your data findings to support your business decisions:

  • Strategy & Management

    • Data exploration
    • Rollout of new BI Tools

  • Build & Delivery

    • Operational dashboards
    • Data visualisation
    • Intelligent KPIs
    • Mobile reporting

  • Support & Operations

    • Agile development lifecycle
    • DevOps for reporting platforms
    • Automated testing

AI & Data Science

Although powerful, conventional BI techniques have reached their limits. Extracting hidden information from various data sources, automating analysis, and providing SME-like recommendations is a must to stay competitive. As such, Objectivity offers the following market-leading AI & Data Science services to those businesses who are further along on their data intelligence journey:

  • Strategy & Management

    • The Art of the Possible
    • Machine Learning solutions audit and optimisation

  • Build & Delivery

    • Anomaly detection
    • Forecasting
    • Recommendation engines
    • Computer vision
    • Natural Language Processing (including bots)

  • Support & Operations

    • Monitoring
    • DevOps operationalisation

Why us?

We have the know-how

Objectivity’s Data Intelligence service aims to help you use your data to expand your business and accelerate innovation. By having the means to collect and accurately analyse data insights, you’ll be able to make better, more informed decisions in the future.


What clients say about us

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Objectivity worked alongside our internal team and quickly established confidence and strong working relationships. I have been most impressed with their individuals’ capabilities and their drive for software quality. For these reasons, we have come to trust their ability to deliver. This together with their “Can Do” attitude makes them a fantastic team to work with!

Rohan Vendy

Chief Executive Officer at iCareHealth

We were impressed with the pro-active and value-added approach that Objectivity demonstrated, providing an innovative and robust application in a timely manner that resulted in a very successful promotion.

Bob White

UK Head of IT at Baxi Group

Data Science Guild Master / Director

Michał Zgrzywa

We will help you join the AI revolution. Transform your business using the data you already have or can acquire.