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Data Engineering

Build the foundations of your data-driven business

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Data engineering and data platforms 


Data platforms utilise a set of technologies to connect all your data and turn it into usable hubs. Making data usable often requires removing data silos and creating a single source of truth which can be used throughout the entire data landscape and enable cross-functional analysis.  

Data modernisation and a well-established data platform boost the efficiency of your data science team. They allow the team to apply AI algorithms and rapidly deliver meaningful insights to give your business a competitive edge. When your data is well-handled, your possibilities to achieve business and social value become limitless. 

The benefits of data engineering 

Why invest in a data platform solution? 

Data engineering helps businesses get the most out of their data and improve their business outcomes. Choosing a modern data platform solution will allow you to: 

  • Ensure data compliance, auditability, and security with improved governance. 
  • Leverage historical data to maximise the value of Machine Learning. 
  • Introduce automation to optimise data management costs. 
  • Develop new functionalities cost-efficiently by implementing DevOps, DataOps, and CI/CD processes. 
  • Increase revenue and profitability thanks to more accurate insights. 
  • Improve the efficiency of your business processes by analysing bottlenecks in your sales funnels. 
  • Boost your in-house workforce capabilities with flexible team augmentation. 




Data engineering services

End-to-end process — from an idea to the solution

Cloud adoption paths differ for every organisation, however, the main implementation stages are similar for all businesses and industries. At Objectivity, we’ll guide you through each step at a pace that is right for your business dynamics.

  • Operations

    Data Strategy

    Without a sound data strategy in place, your data sets become a liability rather than an opportunity. We’ll take a look at how your company acquires, organises, and analyses data, as well as what insights are being delivered. With us, you’ll make sure that data is supporting your business processes and goals. 

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    Data Governance

    Well-governed data is the data you trust. Objectivity will help you set up the right data governance practices in your organisation. Enable data-driven decisions by establishing a Centre of Excellence and mastering data management processes. Catalogue your data sets and understand them thanks to data lineage. 

  • AI Increased Productivity

    Accelerated Delivery

    Accelerate data acquisition with a generic toolset and a repeatable, well-designed digestion process. We’ll help you select the right tools for your enterprise and establish good data engineering practices and DataOps. Moreover, we’ll ensure that you have the right data at the right time to make timely decisions. 

  • Support Maintenance Tailored Engagement

    Tailored Auditing and Consulting

    The Objectivity team will help you assess your existing architecture and find ways to reduce the number of bottlenecks. We’ll show you how to establish good development practices and adapt your processes to reach the enterprise level. Later on, we’ll be there to advise you on cloud cost optimisation and securing your data. 

  • Devops Increased Quality And Stability

    Technology Choice and Data Landscaping

    Our Data Solution Architects are there for you to prepare fit-for-purpose architecture, a bulletproof batch processing solution, or expand your capabilities with an innovative approach like Machine Learning. We’ll help you choose the right services, adapt the Data Mesh concept, and decide if a Data Lakehouse will address your needs. 

  • Certificate

    Data Quality

    Objectivity puts a strong emphasis on data quality. We’ll reconcile your data with its sources so that it remains intact during any migration or transformation. Our team will prepare automated tests against reports and data pipelines and perform regression testing to make sure mistakes don’t make it to production. Your business has the right to trust its data! 

Our approach 

Objectivity’s data platforms and engineering services 

We work in agile and lean ways. Our specialist teams are optimised to ensure the roles and skillset necessary to deliver your project efficiently. We’re flexible and prepared to handle data projects regardless of their scale, be it a vast enterprise solution or a single dashboard. 

Data projects often depend on the quality and availability of data sources. Our experience allows us to identify any gaps quickly (shift-left) and ensure that your project is risk-free from the start. 

Objectivity is a mature software house with broad technological expertise. We can support the development of your data solution with tailor-made apps using any technology required — e.g. web, mobile, low-code. This cross-technology capability allows us to provide you with true end-to-end solutions. 

Our data team has introduced software development best practices into the realm of data. The DataOps approach and automation techniques we apply accelerate the development and your data digestion. We employ experienced and passionate specialists so you can rest assured that your solution is in the hands of true experts.

We’ll arrange a discovery workshop online or meet at your office. The workshop serves as an inspiration — our Data Consultant and Data Solution Architect will help you verify your business case and present a few possible solutions.

Having gathered the information in the initial discovery meeting, our team will return with an engagement proposal or a roadmap describing all the stages of our collaboration.

Technologies and expertise 

Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics and AI 

We partner with the best technology providers but remain tool-agnostic. We always choose the most fit-for-purpose technical solution and make sure to design an extendable platform that will cover your future business needs. Our teams also have proven expertise in cloud technologies.  


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    Over 50 Cloud Experts

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    40+ Data projects delivered

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We can support you in small data integration projects and vast Big Data initiatives.

Our expertise includes:

Synapse Analytics Synapse Analytics
Snowflake Snowflake
BigQuery BigQuery

Our biggest clients that trusted us with their data: 




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We create bespoke software solutions to help you meet your business growth objectives. With us, your organisation will become truly data-driven. Start your project with Objectivity today to be ready for the digital world of tomorrow.


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