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Business Intelligence Solutions

Empower your business with fast and actionable insights

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Intelligent data services


Business intelligence (BI) services turn data into information that lets you draw meaningful insights to increase business value. The key aspect of exploiting the information is ensuring that the right people can access it at the right time. With the rapid growth of data volumes and constantly changing business environments, delivering data insights on time can be challenging. Modern BI solutions need to support agile operations and enable businesses to act quickly with the latest information on hand. 

The benefits of business intelligence

What intelligent insights mean for your company

  • Increase revenue and profitability thanks to more accurate insights. 
  • Become a data-driven organisation by enabling decision-making based on reliable data.
  • Enable self-service with the right level of governance and IT support. 
  • Improve the efficiency of your business processes by analysing bottlenecks in your sales funnels. 
  • Automatically extract information from your data by introducing artificial intelligence (AI) services in BI solutions.
  • Boost your in-house workforce capabilities with flexible team augmentation.


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Our services

Fit-for-purpose business intelligence solutions

  • Finance Improved Customer Experience

    Meaningful reporting  

    Tailored dashboards and reports allow you to focus on what really matters. We’ll help you set them up so you can detect issues, possibilities, and reasons for anomalies at first glance. 

    With modern data storytelling techniques, Objectivity brings data to life, employing the latest technologies to deliver powerful reporting. 

  • Support Maintenance Continuous Value Delivery

    Tools that work in your favour

    With us, you’ll select the right business intelligence toolset for your organisation and enable scale by migrating your legacy BI projects to cloud solutions.  

    We’ll help you assess BI tools according to your business requirements, understand different licencing options, and plan the rollout process. 

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    Reliable architecture

    While colourful dashboards or modern BI systems may look simple, in reality, they usually exist on top of complex system architectures and calculation engines. Our team will make sure your solution is built on solid foundations that support outstanding performance. We’ll also help you optimise your processes and introduce development best practices.

  • Objectivity Icons Database

    Data insights as added value 

    Add value to your digital products by sharing data insights with your customers. Improve your relationship with clients by exposing the results and KPIs you achieve for them. We can deliver data insights as an additional service to web applications and digital platforms. 

  • Investment fund

    Balanced governance

    Boost your business operations by enabling users to engage with data through self-service. With us, you’ll set up the right level of governance and visibility through data lineage, data cataloguing, security principles, and a set of policies. Establish a Centre of Excellence that will provide your organisation with the support it needs to become truly data-driven. 

  • Aboutus We Are Pragmatic

    Data quality 

    You need reliable and trustworthy data to facilitate your business growth. We’ll design an automated approach to straighten out even the messiest of data sets and make sure your reports are error-free.
    With strong automated and manual BI testing experience, our team can help you establish best practices for development, user acceptance testing, and post-deployment issue detection.



Our expertise

Objectivity’s approach to business intelligence

As a mature software house, Objectivity can provide the know-how and services you need to deliver a complete business intelligence solution or work alongside you to assist in the process. Our expert teams can create operational dashboards with intelligent KPIs and data visualisation on mobile and desktop devices, so you can conveniently take advantage of your data insights. With us, you’ll be able to track the progress of any aspect of your business as your data will be visualised in real time. 

We partner with the best technology providers but remain tool-agnostic. We’ll help you select and leverage tools and platforms that best address your business needs.

Our success stories

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Data & AI Guild Master

Julia Orłowska

We create bespoke software solutions to help you meet your business growth objectives. With us, your organisation will become truly data-driven. Start your project with Objectivity today to be ready for the digital world of tomorrow.


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