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Data and Artificial Intelligence

Your business grows only as fast as your data allows.

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Our value - creating Data & AI framework

We believe that your business can only move as fast as your data. However, in order for you to generate value from data, you’ll first need a proper engineering approach to manage it. Many elements need to be in place to build a scalable and robust solution: data strategy, solid architecture, cloud environments, data integration, data governance, etc. And to deliver solutions iteratively, in small but value-bringing chunks, an agile spirit is a must. Once the Data Engineering foundation is in place you can start leveraging your data to build your competitive advantage on the market.

When your data is well-handled, you’ll have limitless possibilities to achieve greater business and social value. Data allows your business to gain valuable Data Insights. From operational dashboards, to advanced pattern recognition, to detecting unusual and fraudulent edge cases that require attention—the benefits are endless. With Data Insights, your data can provide you with the most accurate view on your business performance, quality, and customer satisfaction.

But Data Insights are only the first step. Once you can trust your data, Data Insights will lead to better decisions and actions resulting from Data-Driven Decisions. This requires not only technology (e.g. recommendation engines) but also that your business is ready to embrace new ways of leveraging data and understands that the technology assists, not replaces.

You can also apply AI in Automation to automate manual processes and tasks. This will let you scale your business much quicker and at a fraction of the cost. Artificial Intelligence opens up truly disruptive possibilities.

The benefits

Businesses that embrace the value of their data will benefit in many areas, such as:

  • Competitive advantage

    Leverage data and prepare for the future while staying one step ahead of your competitors: predict demands, optimise your supply chain, etc.

  • Informed decisions

    Help your business to make better decisions by providing operational information and insights about patterns and exceptions; support your employees with recommendations and forecasts.

  • Increased efficiency

    Automate your employees’ repetitive tasks using AI and cognitive services; optimise processes using simulations and forecasting.

  • Faster growth

    Scale your business by automating processes using AI; recognise new opportunities and emerging new business models.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Increase your customers’ satisfaction by employing recommendation engines and offer personalisation; speed up your response time by employing natural language processing.


We are a GOLD Partner of Microsoft in the areas of Data Analytics & Data Platform


We have the expertise

6 Data Scientists

AI Enhanced Customer Experience

15 BI & Data engineers

Finance Improved Customer Experience

50+ Database professionals

Public Sector Improved Citizen Outcomes

80+ Cloud engineers

  • Microsoft Partner
  • AWS Consulting Partner

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Data Science Guild Master / Director

Michał Zgrzywa

We will help you join the AI revolution. Transform your business using the data you already have or can acquire.