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Cloud Strategy and Cloud Adoption Services

Planning to transform your IT landscape

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What does your cloud-based strategy need to consider?

  • Prepare your team for cloud adoption

    Everyone involved, whether in IT or an end-user will need to become familiar with the different ways of working to deliver applications hosted in the cloud. If you are not using Agile techniques already, training and familiarisation will be required.

  • Adapting your processes to exploit cloud adoption

    Your IT processes will need to be adapted to manage your changing environment, shifting from hosting apps yourself to buying cloud services from a cloud provider who will host your applications and data on your behalf.

  • Selecting the right tools to manage your cloud adoption solution

    Your cloud strategy must consider the tools and technology you will use to manage integration and security during the migration of apps and data whilst you are running in a hybrid state of old and new environments.


What needs to be done?

What needs to be done?

There are many factors which will influence your ultimate cloud adoption decisions, the most fundamental of which is which cloud provider to choose. But this is the one of the last decisions you should make and is dependent on your business drivers, appetite for change and existing investment, amongst other factors. You may be planning to move your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud over time, or just a subset, and this will determine the level of temporary and permanent integration you may need during cloud migration activities.

Objectivity cloud strategy services

How can we help?

Defining your cloud first strategy

Assess your readiness, your options, application standardisation model, migration templates, any decommissioning required, security, governance and timelines.

Choosing the right cloud provider

Consider your specific cloud requirements – it isn’t just about cost, but also technologies used and supported, governance, SLAs, potential lock-in, partnerships, reputation, future-proofing.

Defining your hybrid cloud plan

During cloud adoption activities, you will require an integrated tool to manage your environment whilst you are running both old and new state apps – covering security, data and networks.

Proof of Concept

Having defined your approach in your cloud-based strategy, it is recommended that you run a limited proof of concept to validate all your assumptions and assess whether the chosen solution works for you.

Why us?

What distinguishes Objectivity?


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Why Objectivity?

Objectivity provides cloud strategy and cloud adoption services to help you decide how to move your systems from an on premise/hosted platform to a cloud-based infrastructure. Our cloud planning process helps you make key decisions and create your cloud adoption strategy.


What clients say about us

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With Objectivity we overcame a lot of obstacles and achieved great products. One of the biggest products was the implementation of the SCHUFA within Scout24. Also the new application package which opened us a new road to connect applicants with homeowners, was a big achievement also in the strategic way where Scout24 will move. The main value and drive of the coorperation is to build great products which focus on solving the big problems which applicants are facing, when they are looking for new homes in Germany. To build these kind of products, we talk how we can get this product on the market and what technical obstacles we might get into it. Based on that we learn from each other to grow stronger as a team. In general I can strongly recommend Objectivity as a partner, since they are working on a high professional level with a good business mindset behind a product which has to be developed.

Diep Khac Vu

Product Owner

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Adam Łepkowski

We create custom-tailored software solutions to enable you to meet your business growth objectives. Start your project with Objectivity today to be ready for the digital world of tomorrow.


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