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Cloud Strategy and Cloud Adoption Services

Transforming your business and IT landscape.

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Cloud strategy and adoption for your business

In recent years, cloud computing has become the go-to model for IT as companies favour “as-a-service” providers over traditional vendors. Digital transformation projects are being accelerated, and businesses are looking for new, efficient ways of working. 

While there are many factors that will influence your ultimate cloud adoption decision, the most fundamental one is your motivation. You may decide to adopt the cloud in response to a critical business event (e.g. data centre exit or carbon footprint reduction). Perhaps you’d like to become more innovative or simply migrate your systems to the cloud. In each case, your strategy will be different. 

Once you establish your business justification, you’ll need a cloud adoption plan that will take into account the technical considerations, required upskill, and financial investments. The right plan will not only support your company’s long-term goals but will also enable you to get a return on investment early, while your team strengthens their cloud expertise.

The benefits of cloud adoption

Why invest in cloud strategy and adoption services?

Cloud adoption enables companies to improve their business outcomes. With the right strategy in place, the cloud will quickly start working to your advantage and will help you:

  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Expand into new markets 
  • Boost your innovation potential
  • Improve customer and employee experience
  • Increase your business agility
  • Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency
  • Minimise business risks




Objectivity’s cloud services

Cloud journey tailored to your needs

Cloud adoption paths differ for every organisation, however, the main implementation stages are similar for all businesses and industries. At Objectivity, we’ll guide you through each step at a pace that is right for your business dynamics.

  • Acceptance Report

    Establish your cloud strategy

    At this stage, we’ll help you define your motives and the expected business outcomes. Together, we’ll assess your readiness, available options, application standardisation model, migration templates, decommissioning needs, security, governance, and timelines.

  • Objectivity Icons Cloud

    Define your hybrid cloud plan

    During the cloud adoption process, you’ll require an integrated tool to manage your environment while you run both the old and new state apps. We’ll make sure your security, data, and networks are covered. 

  • Shake Hands

    Choose the right cloud provider

    Your specific cloud requirements are an important factor in choosing the right vendor. It isn’t just about cost, but also the supported technologies, governance, SLAs, potential lock-in, partnerships, reputation, and future-proofing. We’re here to help you make the right decision.

  • Devops Increased Quality And Stability

    Build a Proof of Concept

    Once you’ve defined your approach to your cloud-based strategy, it’s recommended that you validate your assumptions and assess whether the selected solution works for you. We’ll create a Proof of Concept to make sure you get the best results.

Our in-house expertise 

One-stop shop for cloud

At Objectivity, we offer end-to-end cloud services and can support you at any stage of your cloud journey. We’re a software house with technical capabilities that guarantee an effective migration of all your workloads. Our team will help you define and execute a tailor-made adoption strategy and choose the right vendor. We partner with the world’s leading cloud providers to ensure you get the highest quality services.

We realise that cloud adoption is an economic decision that involves thorough planning. Our expertise allows us to show you how to best manage your costs for optimum results. Moreover, we’ll help you prepare your organisation for this change and make sure you have the right knowledge and skills in place.

Our certificates for quality and security

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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At this stage of cloud maturity, every workload can be run in the cloud. There are hundreds of cloud services that support different business processes and solutions, as well as different hosting models (IaaS, PaaS, serverless, containers, Kubernetes).

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We create custom-tailored software solutions to enable you to meet your business growth objectives. Start your project with Objectivity today to be ready for the digital world of tomorrow.


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