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Cloud Migration Services

Take advantage of the benefits of moving to the cloud

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Why migrate your applications and data to the cloud?

  • Increase your Quality of Service

    Cloud adoption delivers the benefit of improved system availability, real-time performance management and automatic allocation and de-allocation of resources in real time. Resilience is built-in to ensure high availability.

  • Increase your speed of delivery

    It is quicker to adapt to changing business requirements when applications are hosted in the cloud. By removing the need to commission hardware, comms and datacentres the hosting environment can be quickly adjusted.

  • Reduce your hosting complexity and costs

    Cloud providers manage security, operating system upgrades, availability and capacity. Adding new cloud services is a matter of simple configuration, not a physical build and commissioning activity, reducing the cost and time to build.

What is cloud migration?

Your cloud migration options

Cloud migration covers the end-to-end process of moving data and applications from dedicated hardware to a cloud based environment. Instead of owning the servers, data centres and supporting infrastructure, you pay a cloud provider to deliver to you the infrastructure services you require for hosting your applications and data, as you need them.

You can opt to transform your apps to take advantage of the features of the cloud (re-factoring), make some targeted changes to your apps to realise some of the benefits (re-platforming), lift and shift the app (re-hosting) or buy a replacement app designed for the cloud (re-purchasing).

Cloud migration services

How can we help?

It is possible to "lift and shift" an application to the cloud, and whilst this might be quicker and less costly in the short term, few of the significant benefits of migrating to the cloud will be realised and there may be some unintended consequences affecting performance and latency. Large scale re-writing of an app may take longer and cost more in the short term but longer term benefits and consequent cost savings may prove compelling. You have four primary cloud migration options and each application needs to be assessed separately to determine the optimum migration path:


Planning the migration, including any temporary integration which might be required.

Proof of concept

Carrying out a simple Proof of Concept to ensure that everything works as expected.


Assessing and changing your apps to take advantage of the out-of-the-box cloud features.


Migrating the apps and data, ensuring the integrity of both data and traffic between services.

Why us?

What distinguishes Objectivity


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We have the know-how

Objectivity provides cloud migration services to move your systems from an on premise/hosted platform to a cloud-based infrastructure. We work with you to prioritise, plan and manage cloud application migration and cloud data migration. Where appropriate, we can change the applications you are migrating to take advantage of automated cloud features including performance management and infrastructure auto-scaling to optimise your operating costs. Throughout, we focus on the security, performance and integrity of the applications and data being migrated whilst providing any integration required to applications and data not yet migrated to the cloud.


What clients say about us

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Demonstrating excellent technical and agile skills, and as part of our technology refresh and risk reduction programme, Objectivity have gained my complete trust and respect with their collaborative style and integrity.

Euan Fraser

Director of Business Technology at Edrington

Each member of the objectivity team is technically excellent and I am impressed by their definition of "Excellence". This together with their attitude towards integrity makes them a near-shore partner that I can trust.

Alex Kucharski

Head of Software Development and Delivery at Ascentric

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Get in touch with our senior expert and take the opportunity to discuss the challenges you face in your projects. Our expert will address any questions you may have, and help you plan the next steps of your legacy modernisation process.

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