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Cloud Migration Services

Leverage the cloud to boost efficiency and innovation.

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What is cloud migration?

Your options for moving to the cloud 

Objectivity’s cloud migration services are designed to help you move your applications and data to the cloud seamlessly and in line with your business dynamics. The goal of the migration is to increase the performance and security of your systems while optimising your overall spending. You’ll be able to modernise your IT landscape and take advantage of the unmatched scalability and flexibility of the cloud.

Benefits for your business

Why migrate your applications and data to the cloud?  

  • AI Increased Productivity

    Delivery and innovation speed

    Most cloud vendors provide tools that will help you significantly accelerate your software delivery process. With a broad range of cloud services at hand, your development teams will be able to focus on business value and innovation rather than technical fundamentals. 

  • Support Maintenance Fit For Purpose Solutions

    Scalability and performance

    Cloud platforms can handle thousands of requests per second and therefore provide reliable support to your business processes. Moreover, many specialised cloud services, such as CDN or in-memory data stores, will help you improve application performance.

  • Money 1

    Cost optimisation

    The cloud enables you to generate savings thanks to its flexible pricing model. Platform-as-a-Service adoption combined with transparency and automatic allocation and de-allocation of resources in real time will help you balance and optimise your spending.

  • Aboutus We Deliver On Our Promise

    High availability and reliability

    With a global cloud data centre and multiple availability zones, you can achieve 99.9% availability or higher. The cloud has an advantage over the on-premise approach — it’s able to generate results that would be difficult or expensive to achieve with on-prem hosting.

Moving to the cloud with Objectivity

Find the best approach for your cloud migration journey

Cloud migration covers the end-to-end process of moving data and applications from dedicated hardware to a cloud-based environment. Instead of owning the servers, data centres and supporting infrastructure, or using a virtual one, you pay a cloud provider to deliver the infrastructure services you require for hosting your applications and data.

You can choose a migration approach that best responds to your business needs.

  • Refactoring
    Transform your apps to take advantage of the features of the cloud (the cloud native approach).
  • Replatforming
    Make targeted changes to your apps to reap some of the cloud’s benefits, such as cost-effectiveness and scalability.
  • Rehosting
    Lift-and-Shift your apps to migrate your critical services quickly and with minimum risk.
  • Repurchasing
    Buy a replacement app designed for the cloud to increase migration speed and switch to a modern solution.

What distinguishes Objectivity

Our expertise in cloud services

Objectivity’s cloud migration services aim to seamlessly move your systems from an on-premise/hosted platform to a cloud-based infrastructure. At every step of the way, we’ll work with you closely to define the strategy and prepare your systems, ultimately to manage the migration of your apps and data.

Where appropriate, we can adjust the applications you’re migrating so that you can take advantage of cloud’s automated features. These include performance management and infrastructure auto-scaling which will help you optimise your operating costs.

Throughout the entire process, we’ll focus on the security, performance and integrity of the applications and data that are being moved to the cloud. At the same time, we’ll ensure seamless integration with the data and apps that haven’t been migrated.

We offer various, flexible engagement models — you may choose to engage one of our Cloud Architects, a DevOps team, or an entire development team to work on your Software-as-a-Service cloud product.

Objectivity partners with the world’s leading cloud vendors and continues to acquire industry-recognised certificates for quality and security. 

Our certificates for quality and security

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Things you should know

Frequently Asked Questions:

It’s key to understand why you want to migrate to the cloud. Once you establish your motivation, there are a few areas you can tackle in parallel. These include considering data protection and app security, selecting a cloud provider, upskilling your IT team, assessing the current infrastructure against cloud readiness, and preparing a migration plan.

Case studies

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Schedule a free consultation with our expert

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We’ll help you choose and a cloud migration approach that addresses your business needs. Let’s meet to discuss the challenges you face in your projects. Our experts will answer any questions you may have, and help you plan the next steps of your cloud migration process.

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