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Cloud Services

The question is not whether you should adopt the Cloud, but how best to do it.

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Cloud consulting services

How we work

Objectivity has extensive cloud adoption experience, allowing us to deliver cloud migration services which not only modernise your application portfolio and environment but also deliver cost savings and growth opportunities.

Our Cloud Adoption Framework will guide you through the end-to-end journey of cloud onboarding, cloud migration and cloud operations. The framework has been designed to provide clarity and certainty around your cloud migration, while being adaptable and flexible enough to deliver the best outcomes for your specific business needs.

Our experienced cloud team can join you at the start of your cloud adoption decision making process or provide specialist services at any point in the migration process. Whilst we can provide specialist services at certain points in your migration, our real strength and value is in delivering an end-to-end migration service, helping you define your strategy and then delivering it.

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  1. Your cloud adoption journey will begin with a strategy & planning phase. We will help you set goals for the project, create a compelling business case, assess the existing organisational set-up and create a plan for the next steps. These activities will enable you to manage the expectations of key stakeholders, deliver the transformation of your IT estate and ensure the project delivers real business benefit.

  2. While moving resources into the cloud “as is” with a “lift and shift” approach can be an attractive option as it may initially appear quicker and cheaper, you can only fully realise the benefits of cloud technology with modernised applications designed to exploit the full capability of cloud services. We have the cloud software development skills and experience to create a roadmap for the modernisation of your systems, assessing the applications in your portfolio, their functionality and expected longevity before recommending the most appropriate approach for each of them.

  3. Business requirements are constantly changing, and the same is true for cloud services and technology. Your cloud solution needs to keep pace and adapt to these changes or risk becoming outdated and cumbersome. Managing the road-map for your cloud environment can be achieved with proper governance, ensuring you avoid uncontrolled costs, exponentially growing complexity, complex support arrangements and solutions which cannot keep up with the pace of your business.

  4. We are an AWS Select Consulting Partner and a Microsoft Siliver Cloud Platform Partner. Whilst we partner with the leading cloud providers, we always recommend the cloud provider best suited to your business needs when designing your cloud services.

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We create custom-tailored software solutions to enable you to meet your business growth objectives. Start your project with Objectivity today to be ready for the digital world of tomorrow.