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Angular Development Services

Take advantage of Angular’s vast capabilities to build reliable, business-aligned applications.

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Angular application development


Angular is an open-source development platform, which includes a framework, libraries, and a suite of developer tools. The Angular framework allows teams to develop scalable web applications. Whereas, the feature-rich libraries and many useful tools make building, testing, and updating code seamless and straightforward.

Why choose this framework?

The benefits of Angular development

  • Business alignment

    Angular application development provides many unique capabilities, which enable development teams to create virtually any type of solution. Angular was created with enterprise applications in mind, making it a well-organised, structured, framework perfect for creating enterprise scale business systems. Its organised nature also makes it easier for large teams to work together effectively.

  • Trusted & reliable

    Angular is readily used by some of the world’s leading companies — Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, and many others. In fact, the framework is maintained by Google and their continuous support and frequently released new versions make Angular a great fit for companies who are looking for a trusted technology solution.

  • Vast capabilities

    Angular is a versatile framework with vast capabilities and many developer tools. Its organised structure, great documentation, and large community makes development faster and easier. Applications created using Angular seamlessly display UI components and provide immediate interactions, which contributes to an exceptional user experience.

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Technology offering

Angular web development services

We specialise in creating enterprise web applications. Single Page Applications (SPAs) are particularly well-suited to for the development of enterprise systems because they’re interactive, highly performant, and offer exceptional user experience as well as ease and speed of use.

Our approach

Breadth of in-house expertise

We’re a bespoke software company that delivers projects in an end-to-end manner, keeping high quality at the top of mind along the entire delivery process.

Being particularly well-acquainted with Angular development services, our teams have a comprehensive understanding of all of Angular’s current versions as well as the framework’s predecessor — AngularJS. Knowing what’s on both sides of the fence allows us to conduct seamless application migrations — or to recommend that you stay with your existing version, depending on what your organisation’s particular needs are.


When developing your project, our cross-functional teams consisting of Angular developers as well as UX & UI Specialists and Visual Designers will ensure that your application is functional, appealing, and user-friendly. Your solutions’ performance and security will always be thoroughly tested using a range of methods from unit to end-to-end testing.

The team delivering your project will also take care of all your solution’s necessary non-functional requirements, such as resolution, browser support, languages, and accessibility.

Technology stack

  • Angular
  • Webpack
  • NPM
  • YARN
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • NX
  • PrimeNG
  • Bootstrap
  • Cypress
  • Capacitor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to migrate from AngularJS to Angular?

Yes, it is — in fact, there are a few ways this can be done. Choosing the most suitable migration method will depend on your business requirements as well as technical architecture. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages which should be carefully considered. If you’d like to learn more about migrating from AngularJS to Angular, read our blog post: AngularJS End-of-Life —Threat or Opportunity?

Which company supports the Angular platform?

When choosing an open-source platform, one must always take into consideration the potential risks, such as that it could, at some point, stop being supported or upgraded. When choosing Angular, these risks are minimised as it is Google — a trustworthy, tech-savvy company — that takes care of the framework’s further development, long-term support, and security.

How can I be sure that Angular won’t suddenly stop being supported?

With the release of its latest version, Angular announced a clear scheduling and versioning strategy. In 2017, Angular presented their Long Term Support policy (LTS), and all new releases are being supported according to this model. Currently, all major releases are supported for 18 months, which includes 6 months of full, proactive support and 12 months during which only critical fixes and security patches are released. You can thus rest assured that your app’s framework will continue to meet your requirements and offer the support you need.

How is Angular licenced?

Angular uses one of the most popular MIT licences. In a word, the licence allows you to use this framework as part of other software without any restrictions. The only requirement is adding a copy of the licence to the solution. The MIT licence doesn’t restrict code reuse and is currently one of the best licences to develop your own software with. The MIT licence is a permissive, open-source project that allows you to build your solutions without the risk of infringement.

I have a website built in Angular, can I turn it into mobile apps?

Definitely! There are a few options for making your web application mobile-friendly. The path you should choose depends on your business requirements and product vision. It may be enough to utilise responsive web design (RWD) and add mobile functionalities of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to your product. There are also more advanced solutions, such as leveraging the Ionic or Capacitor approach. They will enable you to create cross-platform native apps based on your Angular application. Reach out to us to discuss a scenario that will be the best fit for your business.

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