A good design is the first step to create a solution that will drive your business forward. But you need to be sure this solution will perform from the day one, for years to come. This is the quality, and it’s ensured by good testing.

For us, testing is a way of creating a better world. We care about your users and want them to have a solution that is seamless in use. That is why we approach the testing holistically. We review the code, the performance, the functionalities, and implement the testing pyramid to ensure quality on every step of the development.

Wide-scope testing

Testing that yields results

  1. Tailored testing

    To make sure that our testing scenarios cover your business reality, we will identify your priorities and test the solution against them. If performance is key, then we will find a way to increase it.

  2. User-centric testing

    We always want your users to be happy. That is why we cooperate with UX specialists to be as close to end-users as possible.

  3. Transparency

    When we spot a gap or an opportunity to increase performance, security, or usability, we speak openly about it. If there are any problems looming in the background, we will tell you about them.

  4. Proactive testing

    A holistic approach to testing requires proactivity. We review your requirements, test the code, identify potential bottlenecks, and provide insightful reports.

  5. Testing consulting

    Our specialists will leverage their extensive skills and advise you on how to best approach the testing of your business-critical systems.

Sharing our know-how

Quality that you can test yourself

We are proud of our work and not afraid to show it. Since 2013, we have been working on our automation testing framework. This is an example of the quality our tests have – something you can review yourself. This is something we are happy to give back to the testing community – our know-how and expertise.

Having a lot of experience, and a wide scope of skills, we deliver:

  • experienced Software & Quality Engineers with ISTQB certification
  • support for test management, execution, automation with test pyramid automation approach (like Google is doing software testing). We know how to tweak your solution’s performance and we do that comprehensively – from gathering requirements to working solution. We stress your application where typical vulerabilities preside, using penetration tests based on OWASP suggestions
  • cross platform mobile application tests (Android, iOS, Windows, Hybrids)
Quality that you can test yourself
Ensuring your growth

Wide range of testing services

We provide a full range of testing services including system, regression, integration, performance, penetration and security tests. Our test engineers will create an appropriate balance of manual and automated tests and conduct them throughout the development process. This ensures high quality deliverables that match and exceed your expectations.

  • early verification of problems, risks and issues delivers cost savings
  • spotting issues earlier means they are resolved quicker
  • all deliverables are high quality
  • tests verify transactional processes spanning cloud and on-premise systems
  • access to comprehensive testing knowledge and experienced Quality Engineers
  • complete testing process during the whole project lifecycle

The variety of tools we use dig deep into your business-critical systems and ensure they support your growth. In every piece of software we test, we aim at high quality. Our solutions meet client’s needs and expectations in terms of functional and non-functional requirements. Do you want to test us?

Test services
  • Test management
  • Testing consultancy
  • Test automation
  • Penetration tests
  • Performance tests

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Kishore Meda
Sales Executive

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In replatforming our core applications, we wanted a partner who offered technical excellence along with sharing our core values where Integrity is key. With proven agile methods, Objectivity have delivered in all counts.
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