Support to us means keeping your services available, fixing them quickly when they break and doing what we can to prevent a repeat occurrence.

Of course, we have SLAs and contracts. But we like to think that we go way beyond the minimum required to deliver you an excellent support service. We are aligned with ITIL v3 so we will speak the same language and have the same understanding as your technical teams and any other providers in your supply chain.

How we do it

Dedicated teams

  1. Dedicated Team

    We can provide dedicated support teams who you will know by name and who will understand your business priorities instinctively. They will visit your site to gain a better understanding of your business.

  2. Shared Team

    We can provide support through a larger team of shared resources who are there when you need them and not there when you don’t – this is a more cost-effective model and is available 24/7 if required.

  3. Hybrid Team

    During peak hours, you could have a dedicated team, knowing that your business is in expert hands. Then outside peak hours you can transfer support into our shared team who work round the clock providing support to multiple clients.

  4. Proactive Services

    We don’t just wait for things to break. We offer a range of proactive services to ensure your services are available and secure, whether it be patching, performance trending or proactive Problem Management.

How we do it

Delivering whatever you need to keep a business continuity

The Objectivity support philosophy is simple: we can deliver whatever you need to keep your critical applications up and running and we work with you to agree on the right blend of services and support levels. Our service desk and service management tooling provide seamless Incident reporting and recording. Our application maintenance and service management functions ensure things run smoothly. Monitoring and alerting provide us all with a heads-up on potential problems. Whilst we can deliver the full range of ITIL processes, we also recognise that we often exist in a multi-supplier ecosystem and these activities might be carried out elsewhere; we are flexible and are happy to work with your other IT providers. Finally, we report on everything you need to be confident that your applications are in good shape.

Delivering whatever you need to keep a business continuity
What we do

Flexible support capabilities

We most often support the applications we have developed for our clients, offering third line and maintenance services for everything we develop as a minimum. Whilst we endeavour to retain the subject matter experts we also build a knowledge base through the development lifecycle and as we transition into early life support so that we are not reliant on individuals who might not be available when needed. The knowledge base is available to everyone as it is embedded within our Jira service management tool. We are able to offer applications management and support for applications not written by Objectivity as well as COTS package integration solutions. As the trend for low code and no code solutions grows, we are well placed to offer a cost-effective support and maintenance package. Any one of our consultants would be delighted to demonstrate our capability to you.

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Jon Finn
UK Managing Director

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Demonstrating excellent technical and agile skills, and as part of our technology refresh and risk reduction programme, Objectivity have gained my complete trust and respect with their collaborative style and integrity.
Euan Fraser
Director of Business Technology at Edrington