Software Development

Software solutions designed for your specific needs. Never over-complicated. Tested to breaking point. Secure as a sailor’s knot.

Coding is the easiest bit. Our team, working with yours, designs, builds and deploys software solutions to transform your business. And where we can, we avoid coding altogether, implementing low-code and no-code solutions for speedy deployment and ease of support and maintenance. It might be bespoke but it doesn’t have to take forever and cost a fortune.

Our Process

What you can count on

  1. Security matters

    We take the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data as seriously as you do. At an individual and corporate level, we have processes and measures in place, underpinned by our ISO27001 certification.

  2. Early delivery

    We work with you in cross-functional teams to deliver basic working software early in the lifecycle. We apply agile techniques to add features to the software incrementally, every two weeks or so, gaining business feedback as we go.

  3. As simple as possible

    Software is a means to an end, not the end itself. Our analysts seek ways to improve your processes without coding. Our architects seek ways to minimize coding, recommending low-code or no-code solutions where possible.

  4. Quality assured

    We start and end with testing. Our testers plan and execute manual and automated tests to ensure that the solution is fit for a purpose long before it is deployed in a live environment.

How we work

We deliver early and frequently

We don’t start with technology but with your particular circumstances. Our analysts and architects engage with you early in the process to understand what challenge you are seeking to address and to understand any constraints within which the solution must operate. We work with the end users to identify the ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’ from their perspective and we work with your technical teams to ensure we capture the non-functional requirements such as security and performance. We document all the requirements up front and typically plan the work as we go – using an agile framework, we work in two week sprints, agreeing with you what we will deliver during a planning session at the beginning of each sprint. At the end of each sprint, we review the working software with you to ensure it meets your requirements. Then we all move on to the next sprint.

We deliver early and frequently
How we work

We communicate transparently

We produce weekly status reports, independently verified by our Quality Team, where we tell you, honestly, how the project is going. Sometimes things are more difficult than anticipated. Other times your requirements change. Whatever the situation, we will discuss any issues early and openly with you and endeavour to reach a mutually agreeable solution. You can have full visibility of the work in progress by attending daily stand-up meetings where all team members review what they achieved the previous day, what they plan to do today and to report any blockers which are impeding progress. Whilst delivering working software inevitably involves some sort of technology, in our experience successful projects are most often the result of fully understanding the requirements, keeping focused on the goal, communicating well and, most importantly, great teamwork.

Core competencies
  • .NET & Azure
  • Java & AWS
  • Front-end development
  • SQL Server and NoSQL
  • Business intelligence
  • Mobile

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Murad Uddin
UK Account Manager

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Each member of the objectivity team is technically excellent and I am impressed by their definition of "Excellence". This together with their attitude towards integrity makes them a near-shore partner that I can trust.
Alex Kucharski
Head of Software Development and Delivery at Ascentric